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Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock by Ginga Kogen Beer

by BeerTengoku Writer

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock is a winter seasonal 6% weizenbock from Ginga Kogen Beer that is part of their seasonal lineup of beers. It is usually on sale from the first week in December and is available in canned form only outside of the brewery it seems. Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock is also unfiltered so be careful when you do pour it out as there may be residue left at the bottom.

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock

A bright bright orange colour – are they sure it doesn’t contain anything else besides malt, hops, and yeast?

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock Aroma and Taste

The first thing I noticed when Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock was poured into the glass is how bright orange it is – most weizenbocks (besides Gotemba Kogen Weizenbock) I’ve had in the past have been a much darker colour though this was bright orange in comparison. Perhaps it contained some additives but it was a little discerning to see it. There was a meagre amount of head on top that didn’t last long. Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock’s most dominating aroma was the syrupy sweetnesss from the malts with a distinct lack of wheatness to it.

Thankfully the body was much better and far more complex than the aroma initially let on. Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock had a nice level of caramel flavour to it that balanced nicely with a bouquet of orange and banana. A wheat biscuit flavour laid dormant until it had warmed up to the suggested serving temperature of 13°c though by that point, the alcohol booziness was far stronger and more biting than before. It wasn’t as strong as your usual weizenbock but somehow the alcohol made it feel like it was.

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock One Line Review

For me,Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock is one of the better Ginga Kogen Beers out there. Nice though could be better defined.


Where to Buy Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock can be bought online at the following places:

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Christopher Phillips February 26, 2016 - 12:55 pm

weizen and weizen bock kind of wants that sediment and yeast in the glass, so give the can a little swirl and imo 13C is too warm to drink a weizenbock.

Rob February 27, 2016 - 8:07 pm

Oh the yeast went in but wanted to warn people new to this style.
13c was too warm, hence the negative comment about the alcohol booziness coming through. I’ll get a three pack next time and do a more scientific study of different temps and flavours.

Oliver January 14, 2018 - 9:20 am

I had been looking for this weizenbock for some time, and finally managed to get a can last night, and drank it on the train home. As I did not have a glass with me, I cannot comment on the colour… The taste was very nice, a light and well-balanced weizenbock. The only thing to complain about was that it was a bit too much carbonated, but that will probably be different when using a glass.

On the train this morning, I read the story about you in the Japan Times, very nice!

Rob January 18, 2018 - 6:52 am

Thanks for the comment.
It’s a strange dichotomy of a beer – it’s a good Ginga Kogen beer but it’s not a good weizenbock by standards set in Japan, let alone from Germany.

Glad you liked the article – was a fun interview to do.


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