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Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015

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Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015The biggest beer festival near the Japan sea is back with Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015, the last one it seems too if the advertising is to be believed. Dwindling numbers and other beer festivals have taken over the reigns from Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015 so get up there while you can. It’s held over three days, from Friday 3rd July to Sunday 5th July.

Held at the Grand Plaza, a short 20-minute walk from JR Toyama station, Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015 is an all day event without an entrance fee, with Friday starting at 18:00 ~ 21:00, then Saturday and Sunday both starting at 11:30 though the Saturday finishes at 20:30 and the Sunday finishing earlier at 18:00.

Drinks are based on tickets, with each beer costing one ticket. Tickets can be bought in advance:

  • Premium handmade glass and 10 tickets for ¥3,800
  • Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015 Memorial glass and 10 tickets for ¥3,800
  • Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015 Memorial glass and 5 tickets for ¥2,350
  • Plastic cup and 5 tickets for ¥2,000

Tickets are on sale for ¥400 a piece, and if you break your glass then a new one can be bought for ¥400 or if you lose your plastic cup, then ¥50 for a new one there. Food will also be served, also at the price of one ticket per item so be careful what you drink and eat. Do you spend ¥400 on some beer or some food?


Breweries at Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015

The following breweries have been confirmed for Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015:

How to Get Tickets For Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015

Tickets can be bought in advance from:

  • Lawson using the Loppi code 55947
  • Pia ticket machine at 7/11, Sunkus, and Circle K convenience stores using the P-code 989-525
  • Or E+ at FamilyMart.

The homepage for the Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015 event can be found here http://www.beerfesta-toyama.jp/index.html

How to Get to Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015

Tanabata BeerFesta Toyama 2015 is best reached from JR Toyama station, which is 2 hours from Tokyo, 3 hours from Osaka or Nagoya. Change to the Toyama City tram and the stop you want to Grand Plaza Mae station, located one minute from the venue. Else, if you want to walk, it’s a twenty minute walk from the south exit of JR Toyama Station

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