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Atsugi Hachey by Atsugi Beer Company

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Atsugi Hachey is a Belgian blonde ale that has been infused with honey sourced from the Yokohama area. The original honey for Atsugi Hachey came from near the Emperor silkworm warehouse’s office close to the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, also known as Akarenga-soko, located near Bashamichi, Yokohama.

Atsugi Hachey

Beer from Atsugi. Honey from Yokohama.

Atsugi Hachey Aroma and Taste

Atsugi Hachey poured out a cloudy golden-yellow colour with plenty of white frothy head to boot as well. The aroma was peculiar at best. Atsugi Hachey had a wee tinge of honey to it but all I could really smell was wheat and oats. There was no “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” punch to it either but there was something about the honey. When I thought about the honey, it came to the forefront; however, when I thought of something else then nothing. Even with a jar of acacia honey next to me for comparison, I wouldn’t really say that the honey smell was noticeable.

I really didn’t know what to make of this beer. The body of Atsugi Hachey tasted slightly like mead, that old-fashioned beer that our medieval relations used to drink because the water was crap. Literally. I guess that would be the best comparison for this. Someone has taken some mead, added some lemonade, thrown in some wheat, shaken it up, let it stand, and served it in a bottle.

Atsugi Hachey One Line Review

I guess Atsugi Hachey is ok but I am in not in a rush to try it again.


Where to Buy Atsugi Hachey

Atsugi Hachey can be bought from the Atsugi Beer online store here.

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