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Kamakura Pale Ale by Kamakura Beer

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Finally, Kamakura Pale Ale by Kamakura Beer finds its way to BeerTengoku. Kamakura Beer isn’t that easy to find even though Kamakura Pale Ale is one of their main beers. A premium beer priced at about ¥500 a bottle, not including tax, means that it is often passed over for cheaper beer on the shelf. This beer is also sold under the name Kamakura Star.

kamakura star pale ale

A star shining out from Kamakura.

Kamakura Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Kamakura Pale Ale had a hazy straw like colour to it with a minuscule amount of head. It didn’t have much life to it when poured out, which led me to think it was more of an English pale ale. Aroma. Well you have to get your nose wet to get a waft as even with the help of the special glass the aroma was non-discernible. The most notable aroma was it being slightly malty with an ever so subtle nose of hops.

The taste of Kamakura Pale Ale was on the opposite end with the malt flavour smacking the taste buds, leading to a bitter hoppy aftertaste. With the lack of carbonation in the beer, Kamakura Pale Ale doesn’t feel refreshing or that sharp on the palate.

Kamakura Pale Ale One-Line Review

Kamakura Pale Ale is an inoffensive beer that was ok but not very memorable really. It isn’t really worth paying a premium price considering the other craft beers around.


Where to Buy Kamakura Pale Ale

Kamakura Pale Ale can be bought in Queens Isetan stores across Kantō, and can also be picked up Sakaya Okadaya here.

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