Yona Yona Beer Works Kanda in Kanda, Tokyo

Yona Yona Beer Works Kanda Front

Yona Yona Beer Works Kanda The Bottom Line Yona Yona Beer Works Kanda doesn’t differ at all from the rest of the Yona Yona range of bars, so you know what you are expecting if you’ve been to any one of them. All prices include tax and there isn’t a table charge. The only gripe I have about the places …


Highbury The Home Of Beer in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Highbury - The Home Of Beer Front

Highbury The Home Of Beer The Bottom Line With me being an Arsenal fan, I should love Highbury The Home Of Beer. It’s got everything an Arsenal fan would love: Arsenal memorabilia, Arsenal fans, Arsenal games, and the library atmosphere to boot. But the prices left me feeling a bit cold and confused considering I could get the same beers for …

Jibiru Bar Marumugi in Yotsuya, Tokyo

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Front

Jibiru Bar Marumugi The Bottom Line If you’re in the area, then Jibiru Bar Marumugi is a decent choice compared to what else there is in the area – nothing. However, unless you are in the area, then Jibiru Bar Marumugi isn’t worth trekking into Tokyo for. It had a nice quaint atmosphere, but the owner just decided to watch TV and …

Bamboo Beer Pub in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Bamboo Beer Pub Front

Bamboo Beer Pub The Bottom Line Bamboo Beer Pub is not the easiest place to find though it is a nice cosy little place located off the beaten track for some, which is worth a visit if you’re in the general vicinity. While the beer list is not extensive, with only four beers on tap, the chilled atmosphere and reasonable …

CLOSED: Kojimachi Bar in Kojimachi, Tokyo

Kojimachi Bar

Editor’s note: Kojimachi Bar in Kojimachi, Tokyo is closed but this review remains for posterity. Kojimachi Bar The Bottom Line Kojimachi Bar is a nice little place with a good lively atmosphere, though it’s let down by the simple range of craft beer on tap and the prices for it, so unless you’re in the area, don’t worry about it. It’s …

Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station in Tokyo

Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Front

Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station The Bottom Line If you’re looking for a quick beer near Tokyo Station, or if you’re fan of Hitachino Nest, then there isn’t much better place to go than Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station. However, if you’re looking for variety, then you’ll need to carry on walking a bit. It isn’t the most exciting …


Cheap Craft Beer Bars in Tokyo

Tokyo isn’t known for being a cheap place for eating or drinking but if you look hard enough, or follow BeerTengoku, then you may have come across some craft beer bars that are cheap and are worth visiting. The only problem though is that there may be hidden costs or disadvantages: table charges, tax not included, or smoking throughout. In …


Bakushu Club Popeye in Ryogoku, Tokyo

Bakushu Club Popeye Front

Bakushu Club Popeye The Bottom Line If you’re looking for the most variety of beer in a bar then with Bakushu Club Popeye it’s the one and only place that you should look at, with its 70+ taps of craft beer. It’s a must go place at least once; however, with the years gone by, Bakushu Club Popeye is no longer the …


Craft Beer Market Otemachi in Otemachi, Tokyo

Craft Beer Market Otemachi Front

Craft Beer Market Otemachi The Bottom Line Craft Beer Market Otemachi doesn’t offer anything too different from the other branches of Craft Beer Market; however, the large seating area and focus on Mexican food kind of steals it for us. If you don’t mind a gamble, then it’s a sure fire place to try some new domestic craft beers. The whole …

Bakushuan Otsuka in Otsuka, Tokyo

Bakushuan Otsuka Front

Bakushuan Otsuka The Bottom Line Bakushuan Otsuka may have a cosy, at-home atmosphere that is relaxing but the high prices, along with the table charge meant that what could be the saviour of craft beer in a quiet area of Tokyo has left itself wanting. The prices are towards the higher end in Tokyo, the 400yen table charge, and the …