Donryu Chroa Taboo Red by Donryu Dream Beer

Donryu Chroa Taboo Red

Donryu Chroa Taboo Red is a 5% English Pale Ale from Donryu Dream Beer, based in Gunma, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round series and was first released in April 2017 as an addition to the Chroa range. At the time of writing, it’s unknown what ingredients or hops are used in the beer. Donryu Chroa Taboo Red Aroma and …

Donryu Dream Pale Ale by Donryu Dream Beer

Donryu Dream Pale Ale

Donryu Dream Pale Ale is a 5% English pale ale from Donryu Dream Beer, based in Gunma, Japan. It’s part of the all-year round range of beer from Donryu Dream Beer, and can be found in both bottles and on tap. It has also won a silver award at the Asia Beer World Cup in 2014 and Bronze at the International Beer Cup in …

Kawaba Red Ale by Kawaba Beer

Kawaba Red Ale

Kawaba Red Ale is a 5% amber ale from Kawaba Beer, based in Gunma prefecture. It is also sold as Kawaba Sunrise Ale though Kawaba Red Ale seems to be the main one in the Kawabe Beer lineup. It’s brewed using German hops and malts in the brewing process and locally sourced water from the Kawaba area, which is predominantly soft water. Kawaba …

Gunma Tsumabru IPA by Tsumagoi Kogen Brewery

Gunma Tsumabru IPA

Gunma Tsumabru IPA is a 6% American IPA from Tsumagoi Kogen Brewery, based in Gunma. It’s one of the few bottled beers they make and sell outside of the brewery, with the majority being canned instead. At the time of writing, I’ve only come across Gunma Tsumabru IPA once off site of the brewery, which just so happens to be this beer. …

Donryu Dream Chroa IPA by Donryu Dream Beer

Donryu Dream Chroa IPA

Donryu Dream Chroa IPA is an 8% double IPA from Donryu Dream Beer based in Gunma, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup and is unknown whether it’s an annual release or a one-off at the time of writing. It’s brewed using 100% malt grown and from Gunma and also three different variety of hops too. Donryu Dream Chroa IPA …


Donryu Dream Weizen by Donryu Dream Beer

Donryu Dream Weizen

Donryu Dream Weizen is a 5% German Hefeweizen from Donryu Dream Beer, based in Gunma, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round lineup of craft beer and can be found in both bottles, 330ml and 500ml sizes, and also on tap. Donryu Dream Weizen is the most popular beer from the Donryu Dream Beer but unfortunately also features the generic “recommended …


Kawaba Weizen by Kawaba Beer

Kawaba Weizen

Kawaba Weizen is a German hefeweizen beer from Kawaba Beer, based in Gunma. It can also be found under the brand Kawaba Snow Weizen. It’s on sale year round and has an abv of 5%. Kawaba Weizen Aroma and Taste The first thing I noticed with Kawaba Weizen is that it appeared to be a reasonably clear golden straw colour – unusual …


Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout by Tsumagoi Kougen Brewery

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout, besides having the best design of any beer I’ve seen for a long time, is a 4% dry stout from Tsumagoi Kougen Brewery. Even though it is advertised an Irish stout, it seems to be categorised as a dry stout. Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout is brewed using deep roasted malt and hopped using Kent Golding hops. Tsumagoi Kougen Irish …


Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner by Tsukinoyo Craft Beer

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner was a present from a friend during a recent visit he made to Gunma, a place that isn’t well-known for craft beer rather the “tourist” beers that plagued the Japanese craft beer industry towards the end of the nineties. It’s a Czech-style pilsner brewed using imported Czech malts and mountain fresh water. Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner Aroma and …


Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen by Ryujin Shuzo

Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen

Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen is a dunkelweizen, aka a dark wheat beer, produced by Ryujin Shuzo out of Gunma, Japan. One of my friends picked this up for me on a recent onsen trip. Well, I say picked up. More like, “here’s a picture of a beer I’m drinking while you are at work!”. Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen is also an …