Coedo Marihana by Coedo

Hitsuji Inside Beer 3 Coedo Marihana

Coedo MarihanaCoedo Marihana is a 4.5% session IPA from Coedo, based in Saitama, Japan. It first came on sale in 2014 as part of their Spring / Summer seasonal beer range but it’s been so popular in bars across Japan it seems that it’s now available all-year round. The name “marihana” doesn’t follow the usual standard for Coedo and colours, …

Coedo Beniaka by Coedo Beer

Coedo Beniaka

Coedo Beniaka had a full on upheaval in terms of recipes in 2015 with it undergoing some major cosmetic changes both in the recipe and also on the bottle. It went from a lager yeast style production of being top fermented, to an ale yeast bottom fermented beer. If that wasn’t enough, some of the hops were changed around and …

Coedo Beniaka Renewal Event in Toranomon Hills, Tokyo

Coedo Beniaka Renewal Event 6

BeerTengoku was invited along to the Coedo Beniaka Renewal Event held in Toranomon Hills, Tokyo at Above Bar & Grill. The event was designed to showcase the change in recipe for the Coedo Beniaka, which is brewed using sweet potatoes. The press event started at 5pm and lasted until 7pm, and the event was open to the public from 8pm …

Coedo Shikkoku by Coedo Brewery

Coedo Shikoku

Coedo Shikkoku is named after the island just south of Honshu…who am I trying to kid? Coedo Shikkoku is named after a Japanese hue, this time being the jet-black lacquer work that can be seen across Japan. It is also a schwarzbier brewed using a traditional German recipe. Coedo Shikkoku Aroma and Taste Coedo Shikkoku poured out darker than my deepest, …

Coedo Shiro by Coedo Brewery

Coedo Shiro

Coedo Shiro is a hefeweizen style beer that is advertised as a premium all malt beer. It is also one of the hardest beers to find from the Coedo range as Coedo Shiro is unfiltered and stores are hesitant to sell it. In 2014, the bottle was redesigned and now advertises that it is a hefeweizen on the label. Coedo Shiro …

Interview with Asagiri-san from Coedo Brewery


A first for us here at BeerTengoku, a podcast. An interview with Asagiri-san, president of Coedo Brewery and beer evangelist. Asagiri-san was kind enough to sit down for an interview about the past, present, and future of Coedo Brewery. Pull up a chair, with a craft beer, and listen to what he had to say.  


Coedo Brewery Tour in Kawagoe, Saitama


In November, BeerTengoku took a trip up to the Coedo Brewery in Tsuruse, Saitama. On the journey up from BeerTengoku’s base in central Kanagawa, we passed through suburbs, city centres, and finally through to farm land. While not as far away as expected, it’s becoming a common theme to see breweries far away from the major areas they serve. President …


Coedo Ruri by Coedo Brewery

Coedo Ruri

Coedo Ruri is one of Coedo’s five bottled beers and is named after the colour that is supposed to elicit clear blue skies, or the gemstone lapis. It is a German style pilsner beer brewed from a variety of hops and malts. Coedo Ruri is generally available in can form but has been seen in bottle form too. Coedo Ruri Aroma …

Coedo Kyara by Coedo Brewery

Coedo Kyara

Coedo Kyara is another of Coedo’s stalwarts and one of their beers that came highly rated from an ex-coworker of mine before they departed for colder climes. Coedo Kyara is a cross between an amber ale and a Vienna lager. It is one of Coedo’s few beers that comes in both bottles and cans, but we’re not going to get …

September Beers of the Month

Iwate Kura Red Ale

A delayed September Beers of the Month from BeerTengoku due to work commitments; however, September threw up a busy month for us here. Where to start? Microbreweries and major craft beer beers both came up trumps but there were some stinkers this month that are best left to linger in the doldrums. A couple more second opinions came along this month …