BeerTengoku Podcast #7

Despite now owning a new microphone, Joe is forsaken by technology once again. In this totally sober episode, we discuss a few new beers and bars, answer a question from a patron, and really get into the weeds about a sexist beer label. Take a look and tell us what you think. Better still, tell the brewery!

Beers mentioned this episode

Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout

Tsuma Beer (AKA Shonan IPA)

Minoh W-IPA

Neko Nihiki

Rise Up IPA

Midnight Seijin

Stories discussed

Akari Brewing opened up in Tottori

Baystars Craft Beer Bar

Inazuma Brewing finally released first beer on March 20th

Yoho Brewing: Karuizawa spring limited edition beer

Kirin new beers (in the new tax bracket), aimed at women, guess what types

Yoho Brewing: new Boku Beer Kimi Beer on 24th April

Barbaric Works’ problematic beer label

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About the Author

Joe Robson

Pompous elitist and occasional beard owner Joe lives in Kanagawa, Japan. He enjoys a nice stout, a book and a good bowl of ramen. He never carries more than 10000yen in cash and always washes his hands.

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