Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon by Kyoto Brewing Company

Beer Cafe Camiya Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon

Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon, or Sosetsuryu, is a 5.5% stout from Kyoto Brewing Company and is a collaboration beer with Tiny Rebel, from Wales. It is the fourth in the nakama, or friendship, series that that have been running and also the 21st beer different beer that they have made. If you hadn’t guessed, the name is an homage to the video …


Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku

Kyoto Kuroshio no Gotoku is a 4.8% stout from Kyoto Brewing Company that is part of their all-year round range of beers, know as their Teiban range. The name roughly translates to “Like the Black Tide”, with the Black Tide referring to the Japan current that works its way from Japan to the West Coast of the USA. With Kyoto Brewing …

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie, which roughly translates to “one moment, one time” or if you use Google Translate “Forrest Gump”. I think someone might be pulling our leg. Anyway, Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie is a saison style beer from Kyoto Brewing Company and follows up from their Snow Monkey saison. It has an abv of 5.9% and as of writing is …