DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour Ale by DD4D Brewing

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour Ale・DD4Dカフィアライムサワーエール

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour Ale is a 5.5% sour ale from DD4D Brewing, based in Matsuyama, in Ehime, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour Ale, as the name suggests, is brewed using imported kaffir limes and also uses lactic acid to help fermentation. DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour also won gold medal at the International Beer Cup in September 2019.

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour Ale・DD4Dカフィアライムサワーエール

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour Aroma and Taste

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour poured out a hazy dark orange brown colour with a thin amount of white head on top that consisted of a few large bubbles before popping away. However, the nose was a big limey one with hints of sour lactic coming off it. It’s not overpowering though like some American sour beers I’ve had, but it is very noticeable. The lime aroma was very distinctive, even when DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour was chilled, but when the beer got warmer, the lime aroma did become smoother on the nose.

If you’re not a fan of sour beers, and I know some people aren’t, then it’s worth giving DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour a go. While it is sour, it’s not a face-turning sour, despite the addition of kaffir limes and lactic acid. The sourness is well balanced and smooth on the palate, without it being overpowering. The malts brought a subtle underlying sweetness to the flavour profile, with that same sweetness just taking the edge off of the sourness. DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour finished with the lingering lime flavour smoothing out the residual sour notes.

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour The Bottom Line

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour is a really nice sour ale and definitely worth trying.

Where to Buy DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour

DD4D Kaffir Lime Sour can be bought online at the following places:

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