Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash 京都酒造なつしぶき

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash, also known as Kyoto Brewing Natsu Shibuki, is a 5% American Wheat Ale from Kyoto Brewing Company. It’s part of their limited draft series and is brewed with a grain bill that contains 33% wheat malt. It uses Merkur hops for, and Motueka hops from New Zealand with Summer hops from Australia being used for the flavour / aroma hops.

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash 京都酒造なつしぶき

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash Aroma and Taste

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash came up a hazy straw-yellow colour with a plump white head on top that, unsurprisingly, lasted right until the final drop. The aroma was wheaty with a shudder juicy grapefruit aroma to it. The wheat also brought a slight creamy nose it; however, there was no Belgian nose to this one as Kyoto Brewing Company used an American Wheat yeast to ferment this. It was nice to try something different to be honest.

The body had a soft, silky texture to it, along with a subtle grapefruit bitterness to it. But it was so damn refreshing that I finished it pretty quickly – maybe less than 10 sips / gulps. There was no hoppy bitterness to it though the wheat did add a touch of spiciness to the end aftertaste.

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash The Bottom Line

Kyoto Brewing Summer Splash is a tasty little beer for the summer months.

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