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BeerTengoku Podcast #3

by Rob
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Joe is still struggling to use a microphone properly. He’ll get there soon enough.

We talk about some of the news, Joe’s inability to find any craft beer in anime this time around, and also weird combinations of beer.

Music Details


This podcast’s music is provided by The Tom Bosley Experience with “The Latest in Gentlemen’s Accessories”. Find them at:

  1. The Tom Bosley Experience
  2. The Tom Bosley Experience @ Redbubble

The intro music is provided by The Worst Case Scenario with “The Beer Song”. Find them at:

  1. Soundcloud
  2. Facebook

Links to Beers

  1. Minoh Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer
  2. Sankt Gallen Annin Chocolate Stout by Sankt Gallen

Links to Stories

  1. Kirin’s Spring Valley to try new beers due to tax law.
  2. Which breweries best represent Japanese craft beer.
  3. Yona Yona to open a new bar in Kabukicho.
  4. Sankt Gallen released their first barrel aged series.
  5. Ishigakijima brewery created first awamori and craft beer blend.

Links to Others

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  2. BeerTengoku on Facebook
  3. BeerTengoku on Twitter

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