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Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017 in Sapporo, Hokkaido

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Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017

In its fifth year, Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017 encompasses nature and craft beer with it being held at Sapporo Ban Kei ski slope though this year the dates are July Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th.

Tickets for Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017 cost ¥3,000 and include six drink tickets, some original goods that are more than likely going to include a glass, and also a gift from a brewery on entry. There is also a new ticket for this year’s event that costs ¥3,000 which gets you six drink tickets and an original glass as well though this can only be bought in advance. On the day, the same ticket will get you seven beers and a plastic cup. Moreover, the actual event itself is free, so you can just buy tickets on the day at ¥500 per ticket with reusable cups costing ¥100 each.

The Saturday event starts from 13:00 until 20:00 and the Sunday runs from 11:00 until 17:00. There are no discounts for buying the tickets in advance but then neither does the price increase on the day.


Breweries Attending Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017

No announcement has been made but once we find out, we will update this.

Breweries That Attended Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2016

How to Get Tickets For Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017

Tickets for Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017 can be bought at either:

  • e+ either online here or at a convenience store.
  • Ticket Pia either online here or at a convenience store.

Tickets can also be bought from these places in Sapporo:

  • Beer Bar NORTH ISLAND (ノースアイランド) 011-303-7558
  • Maltheads (モルトヘッズ) 011-522-5152
  • Kalahana (カラハナ) 011-251-1087
  • Beer Cellar Sapporo (ビアセラー・サッポロ) 011-211-8564
  • 酒場マチルダ 011-272-2777

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How to Get to Sapporo Craft Beer Forest 2017

Sapporo Ban Kei ski slope is not the most accessible of places and is best reached by car, but that means no drinking for the driver. Thankfully, the organisers have realised this and laid on some (free) buses that depart from Maruyama Koen Station that leave one hour before the event starts until two hours before the event ends. The return bus arrives at the same station starting from one hour after the event begins, with the last bus on the Saturday at 20:15 and on the Sunday at 17:15. If you REALLY want to walk, then it’s about an hour walk from Maruyama Koen Station.

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