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Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA by Brimmer Brewing

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Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA is a 6% American IPA brewed by Brimmer Brewing, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. If you’ve been to the Charcoal Green Bashamichi branch, then you can have the chance to try it as it’s their in-house beer brewed for them. At the time of writing, it can only be found at that branch.

Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA

Only available at Charcoal Green Bashamichi

Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA Aroma and Taste

With Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA being the only beer on the menu that I hadn’t tried – not the hardest thing considering Charcoal Green Bashamichi only has four beers on tap – it was straight for this. I missed it last time I was there so I’m guessing that Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA is a new addition for this year’s range.

It came up a deep orange brown colour with a fluffy white head on top that didn’t last long and quickly faded as the beer went down. It had a fruit aroma, very much leaning to the citrus side of IPA, and strong hints of caramel bursting through. It reminded me of an English style IPA with the caramel aromas coming through – perhaps a mix of styles?

The body was immediately bitter from the get go, and was bursting full of citrus and tropical fruits – some grapefruit and hints of mango too. The caramel flavour also made an appearance too. The bitterness was long-lasting, right from the beginning through to the end and then in the aftertaste, but so was the sweetness. The aftertaste was slightly sweet with hints of citrus bitterness.


Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA The Bottom Line

Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA is a nice in-house beer and worth getting if you go to Charcoal Green Bashamichi.

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