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Konishi Howaka by Konishi Brewing

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Konishi Howaka is a funny beer. Not one that will make you laugh but another Japanese take on a foreign classic, this time being a Belgian witbier with Japanese rice added to it. Yamadanishiki rice is added to the mash and is also lower in alcohol content than regular beers, packing in a massive 3.0%, so people who aren’t tolerant to alcohol can enjoy it. Of course, we at BeerTengoku are incredibly tolerant but still, if it contains alcohol and is a craft beer, bottoms up!

Konishi Howaka

Nope, not some Geordie slang, but a beer with rice in.

Konishi Howaka Aroma and Taste

Konishi Howaka had a pale golden colour to it that was translucent besides the moisture on the side of the glass. There wasn’t much of a head to it either, no more than one finger that didn’t last anywhere as long as I had hoped for. I was expecting this beer to be frothy and voluminous like a traditional witbier but alas no. Konishi Howaka had a wee bit of spice in the nose but nothing that you would notice unless you got your nose stuck in the glass.

No wonder it’s so pale at 3%! The body was watery thin with no crisp or refreshing taste to it either. If you’ve eaten rice then you could probably detect the taste of rice in Konishi Howaka but don’t be expected it to hit you hard or be brash. This is a gentle beer that takes some serious appreciation. The sweet honey taste was welcome and a nice flourish to an otherwise insipid beer.

Konishi Howaka One Line Review

Konishi Howaka is best aimed at those with either highly sensitive taste buds or people who can’t drink beer. Try the Hitachino Nest Red Rice instead.  The Gotemba Kogen Koshihikari is also better.


Where to Buy Konishi Howaka

Konishi Howaka can be bought at Queen’s Isetan stores around the Kanto area. It can also be bought online at the Konishi Brewing Company online store here.

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