BeerTengoku S2E6: Behind the Beer – Yeast

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In the latest edition of the hit series “Behind The Beer”, we’ve got Molly Browning from Lallemand, a privately owned Canadian company that researches, develops, produces and markets yeasts. Lallemand Inc can be found at: http://brewing.lallemand.com/ The intro music is provided by The Worst Case Scenario with “The Beer Song”. Find them at: Soundcloud Facebook

Where to Drink During The Day in Tokyo

For a country that seems to be rampant with alcohol, it’s a surprise that not more places are open before work is over for the day in Japan. While people have things to do, it’s always nice to knock off work early, go down the pub, and have a couple of quiet beers, then go home. However, in Japan, that …

BeerTengoku S2E5: Flying Solo

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As Joe is in the UK, it’s up to Rob to fly solo and write the podcast, do the podcast, make the podcast, and edit the podcast. It’s also sweltering hot here, which means we’re going on a break – but we have plenty in store for you. Stories Discussed Yokohama Baystars to get MORE craft beer. Cruising around the …

BeerTengoku Podcast S2E4: 2014 Retrospective

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Four years? FOUR years? four YEARS?! FOUR YEARS?! Yes. From our humble beginnings of sitting on our sofas writing about beer we bought in the combini, we’ve come so far… here we are… erm… never mind. In this podcast we look back on the first year of BeerTengoku. We discuss which beers we have (and haven’t) drunk since reviewing, bars …

Source of Styles #3 – Hefeweizens

If you’ve been in Japan for a while, then you’ve come across a weizen (wheat in English) or sometimes weissbier (white beer) by now. Since the lowering of the license limit back in 1994, weizens, along with pilsners, have long been a common style brewed in Japan. Take almost any of the craft beer breweries that started out in 1994, …

Kannai Walking Guide

Kannai Walking Guide

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Best Bars For Drinking Outside – Tokyo

Bars To Drink Outside

Japan is known for having exceptionally hot summers. What better way to relax then to drink outside in the sun? One problem though – Japan isn’t known for its greenery in cities. However, there are some places where you can sit outside and have some beers with friends. And you know what? BeerTengoku has got you covered. These places below …

BeerTengoku Podcast S2E3: Am I A Diva?

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Well, am I, Sharon? Craft beer gets expensive when you put truffle oil in it. It also gets expensive when you have it in a bar in Golden Gai. Never fear, Asahi is here with a cheap can of piss they call Craft. Rob humblebrags. Joe goes on multiple sweary rambles. Let us know if you want Rob to grow …


Soapbox Article 12 – Women & Beer

Women And Beer

Here at BeerTengoku, we believe in bringing people to drink together and talk over a few pints of craft beer. We may not agree with what makes craft beer, what constitutes a good beer, or even if a beer is any good or not. Yes, Joe and myself do make jokes at each other’s expense.  However, one thing that we …

BeerTengoku Podcast S2E2

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The whole of Japan has turned into a muggy swamp. Despite this, people still want to drink outside. We oblige. Rob’s mind is addled by pain meds. Joe flagellates himself. Someone attempts an Australian accent. Stories Discussed Yona Yona Beer Garden Baeren doubles their capacity Devilcraft and Jameson collaboration Japanese winners in the Australian International Beer Awards Beers Drunk This …