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Tono Zumona Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Iwate, Japan. Like many other craft beer breweries in Japan, Tono Zumona Beer has its roots in the sake brewery industry with its head company being Tono Shuzo, founded over 200 years ago, back in 1789. The name “Zumona” comes from the Japanese phrase “むかしむかしあったずもな”which roughly translates into “Once upon a time, …


Zumona Marzen by Tono Zumona Beer

Zumona Marzen 遠野ずもなメルツェン

Zumona Marzen is a 5.5% märzen style beer from Tono Zumona Beer, based in Iwate prefecture. It could also be classified as an Oktoberfest style beer as well though the two styles are pretty similar in style and when they’re traditionally brewed (for those wondering, March which in German is März). Though this style of beer is relatively new to …