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Taisetsu Ji-Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido that opened in 1996. All of their beers use underground water from the Mt. Taisetsu range and the buildings that house the brewery and restaurant have been designated as Registered Cultural Properties. Taisetsu Ji-Beer Main Lineup The following are part of Taisetsu Ji-Beer’s all-year round lineup. Taisetsu Pilsner – a 5% …


Taisetsu Kellar Piruka by Taisetsu Ji-Beer

Taisetsu Kela Piruka 大雪ケラピルカ

Taisetsu Kellar Piruka is a 5% amber ale from Taisetsu Ji-Beer, based in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, in Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beer and can be found in bottles and occasionally on tap too. It was one of the first beers brewed by Taisetsu Ji-Beer but there is a distinct lack of information about it. Taisetsu Kellar …

Furano Ohmugi by Taisetsu Ji-Beer

taisetsu furano /大雪地ビールの富良

Furano Ohmugi is a 5% barley-based pilsner made by Taisetsu Ji-Beer. I found Furano Ohmugi alongside two other of its weird-ass Arctic-themed ji-beer motherfuckers in my local Queens Isetan and had no idea where they were from, so I opened up Untappd to find out. And what should I find? A 2013 check-in from a fresh-faced, pre-BeerTengoku Rob Bright, giving …