Nagahama Roman Beer Information

Nagahama Roman Beer, also sometimes known as Roman Beer, is a craft beer brewery located in Shiga, Japan. Located on the shores of Lake Biwa, also known as Biwa-ko, Nagahama Roman Beer have been producing craft beer since 1996, the year the Japanese government loosened its restrictions on the production of beer. While not necessary a traditional German brewery, Nagahama Roman Beer …


Nagahama WZN Special by Nagahama Roman Beer

Nagahama WZN Special

Nagahama WZN Special is a 5% German hefeweizen from Nagahama Roman Beer, based in Nagahama, Shiga prefecture. It’s part of their all-year round line up of beer and was first on sale in June 2016, following on from their Nagahama IPA Special. Nagahama WZN Special is brewed using imported German wheat and malt and is brewed to a Southern Germany style …


Nagahama IPA Special by Nagahama Roman Beer

Nagahama IPA Special 長浜IPAスペシャル

Nagahama IPA Special is a 5.5% American IPA from Nagahama Roman Beer based in Shiga prefecture. It’s brewed using Citra hops, with Nagahama Roman Beer stating that they use “ten times the amount of hops” they use in their pilsner. At the time of writing, Nagahama IPA Special can be found in both bottles and cans though we’re yet to see it …