Woodmill Brewery Kyoto Information

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Woodmill Brewery Kyoto is a craft beer brewery located in the Kamigyo district of Kyoto, in Kansai, Japan. The brewery opened up in April 2018, and unlike other breweries in the area, has no taproom or bar of their own, relying on the sales of bottles and kegs of their beers. They use German and English malt and German and …


Kyoto Brewing Company Information

Kyoto Brewing Company Crew ・京都醸造スッタフ

Kyoto Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 2015, Kyoto Brewing Company has been a story of continued success ever since. The three people behind KBC (as they’re often called) are Chris Hainge, Paul Speed, and Benjamin Falck. The beers from KBC have a strong Belgian influence, from the yeast used, to the style …


Kyoto Brewing Company Interview

Kyoto Brewing Company Front・京都醸造フロント

Kyoto is more famous for its temples, shrines, and of course geisha than for craft beer. Kyoto has a handful of craft beer breweries, with the majority of them taking the once-typical route of being a side-company to a sake brewery. However, Kyoto Brewing Company have taken a vastly different route – one we haven’t seen before at BeerTengoku. An …

Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu Information

Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu

Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu, like many other first generation craft beer breweries, has its roots in the sake production business, and was established soon after the Japanese government changed the alcohol production laws back in 1994. Kizakura Beer started making beer back in 1995, with the using the same water that they have been using to make sake. They have also collaborated …