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Craft Roo (Seoul / Korea)

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Craft Roo : The Bottom Line

I loved Craft Roo and perhaps the only gripe I have with this place is that it gets busy fast – so get in early. I wish I had found this place earlier on my travels in Seoul as I have no doubt that I would have stayed here for much longer and enjoyed the pizza alongside the beers. I loved the atmsophere of this place, the friendly staff who knew a lot about the beers here, and the general feeling of being at home. If you’re in Seoul, I really suggest getting to Craft Roo – you won’t regret it.

Craft Roo (Seoul / Korea) : Background

Craft Roo, and not Craft Root as that’s the brewery behind the operations, is actually a ‘hanok’ – a traditional Korean style home – that gives it a unique Korean feel. It’s been designed to blend in with the local buildings in the small art district of Ikseon-dong Hanok Village and no doubt when you go there, you’ll spend hours wandering around the alleys, popping into the little shops and buildings that make this area a known tourist area. But that’s not to say you should avoid it – it was really one of my favourite places on the four day trip around Seoul.

Craft Roo : Beer & Food Information

There were 9 taps of craft beer on at Craft Roo when I went, with all of the beers coming from Craft Root. Like other places in Seoul, the beers only came in one size and that size varied depending on the strength of the alcohol. Prices ranged from ₩7000 and were served in their “correct” glasses. Right in the middle of the bar counter is a massive tub of canned beer from Craft Root – ice cold and ready to go. These beers could be bought to be drunk in-store, privy to a corkage fee, or taken away for off-site consumption.

The food at Craft Roo was based around pizza, lasagne and chicken (among others on the menu) available but I didn’t get anything here as I was just after the beers, which I very much enjoyed.


Craft Roo : Details

Craft Roo : Location

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