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BeerFes Okinawa 2015 in Naha.

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BeerFes OkinawaGreat Japan Beer Festival, Okinawa, also known as BeerFes Okinawa, is in its second year after proving to be successful in 2014. Held in the Helios Pub that our own roving BeerTengoku reporter Joe visited in 2014, it is spread over two days: 4th and 5th April.

The event is open on Saturday 4th April from 13:00 to 21:00 with last orders at 20:45 and the final day being Sunday 5th April from 12:00 to 17:00 with last orders at 16:45. Entry to BeerFes Okinawa costs ¥2,700 for the whole event in advance which includes a special glass and 12 beer tickets while tickets on the day cost ¥2,900. Tickets can be purchased in advance until the 3rd April 2015. Extra beer tickets cost ¥400 yen for two tickets. One ticket can be used for one 85ml glass, while two tickets are needed for one 170ml glass.

The brewery list for the BeerFes Okinawa event encompasses many breweries from across Japan with the following ones confirmed:

  • Hakodate Beer (Hokkaido)
  • Iwate Kura Beer (Iwate)
  • Aqula Beer (Iwate)
  • Nasu Kogen Beer (Tochigi)
  • Harvestmoon (Chiba)
  • Far Yeast (Tokyo)
  • Yokohama Brewery (Kanagawa)
  • Sankt Gallen (Kanagawa)
  • Hakone Beer (Kanagawa)
  • Fujizakura Kougen Beer (Yamanashi)
  • Baird Beer (Shizuoka)
  • Kinshachi Beer (Aichi)
  • Ise Kadoya Beer (Mie)
  • Nagisa Beer (Wakayama)
  • Minoh Beer (Osakea)
  • Daisen G Beer (Tottori)
  • Matsue Beer Hearn (Shimane)
  • Kaigunsan no Bakushu (Hiroshima)
  • Narutaki Kougen Brewery (Yamaguchi)
  • Umenishiki Beer (Ehime)
  • Miyazaki Hideji Brewery (Miyazaki)
  • Kirishima Beer (Miyazaki)
  • Nanto Brewery Nihede Beer (Okinawa)
  • Koza Brewing (Okinawa)
  • Okinawa Brewing Company (Okinawa)
  • Helios Craft Beer (Okinawa)
  • Miyakojima Micro Brewery
  • Ishigakijima Beer

How to Get Tickets For BeerFes Okinawa 2015

Tickets for Great Japan Beer Festival, Okinawa can be purchased at the following stores and bars:

  • Pia Ticket machines using the code 628-747
  • JTB convenience stores such as Circle K
  • Lawson ticket machines using the code 83681
  • I’s Public Ale House, Beer Rize, BAKU or COLOSSEO 262

How to Get to BeerFes Okinawa 2015

The nearest station is Miebashi station on the monorail. Helios Pub is a 10 minute walk from it.

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