Kazekami Belgian IPA by Kazekami Bakushu

Kazekami Belgian IPA

Kazekami Belgian IPA is a 7% Belgian IPA from Kazekami Bakushu, based in Kawasaki, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round bottle range of beers though there isn’t much information about it out there. Unlike the Porter, this contains no spices or funky flowers, though it does have some grape juice added, and is thus classified as a happoshu beer, …

Kyoto Ichii Senshin by Kyoto Brewing Company

Vabene Shimokitazawa Kyoto Ichii Senshin

Kyoto Ichii Senshin is a 6.5% Belgian IPA from Kyoto Brewing Company, based in Kyoto, Japan. It’s part of their year-round range of draft beer, with “ichii senshin” roughly translating to “single-minded”. Like many of the other beers from Kyoto Brewing Company, Kyoto Ichii Senshin has a Belgian influence with the yeast being from the Belgian Ardennes strain, and the American …


Swan Lake #B-IPA by Hyouko Yashiki No Mori Brewery

Swan Lake Belgian-IPA

The Swan Lake B-IPA series continues with this Swan Lake #B-IPA, aka Swan Lake Belgian-IPA, addition to contrast against the Swan Lake Black IPA. It is a spring seasonal special that has an abv of 6%. I first tried this on recent trip to Swan Lake Edo near Yaesu exit of Tokyo station though it was a mere dribble as it had just run out. Swan …