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Yakurai Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Kami, in Miyagi, Japan. The brewery opened in 1999 and since opening, they have been brewing German style beers and also only use German malt in their recipe. Being situated at the base of Mt Yakurai, the brewery also has access to fresh mountain spring water for use in their beer. …


Yakurai Tohoku Damashi by Yakurai Beer

Yakurai Tohoku Damashi やくらい東北魂ビール

Yakurai Tohoku Damashi is a 5.5% American IPA from Yakurai Beer, based in Miyagi, Japan. It’s part of an 8 brewery event where breweries in the Tohoku area all brewed beers to remember the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that affected so many. At the time of writing Yakurai Tohoku Damashi can be found on tap only with no plans for it be …