Source of Styles #2 – Pale Ale

Source of Styles #2 – Pale Ale

Pale ales are a cornerstone of the modern craft beer world. The bitter, aromatic, generously-hopped version we are familiar with today has its roots in two separate beers: Anchor Brewing Co.’s Anchor Liberty Ale (1975) and Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale (1980). The term “pale ale”, however, goes back much further than that. “Pale ale” was a term used interchangeably with …


Source of Styles #1 – Stout

Japan Stout

Stouts. The first of hopefully many beer styles that BeerTengoku is going to briefly introduce with some of its history in Japan and standout ones for you to try. We’re not going to say we’re experts on the styles – we haven’t drank that much beer from around the world to compare but have drunk enough to know what we like …