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Nichinan Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Miyazaki, Kyushu and they started brewing in 2017. Nichinan Beer’s are unfiltered and contain live yeast by using non-heat treatment. All of their beers use American malt and imported Czech hops, with the local Nichinan water being rich in essential brewing ions. The owner Hashimoto-san originally discovered craft beer in Ginza back …


Nichinan Belgian Wheat Ale by Nichinan Beer

Nichinan Belgian Wheat Ale 日南麦酒ベルジャンホワイト

Nichinan Belgian Wheat Ale is 5% Belgian wit from Nichinan Brewery, based in Miyazaki, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range and can be found in bottles though we’re yet to see it on tap at the time of writing. Nichinan Belgian Wheat Ale is brewed using locally sourced yuzu and also imported coriander. Nichinan Belgian Wheat Ale Aroma and …