Y Market Brewing Interview

Y Market Brewing Front

Travelling into Nagoya is perhaps one of my favourite trips. Everything you want to access is immediately around you – no changing of trains to get from the station into the city centre (Shin-Yokohama), no walking around to get away from the ominous building (Kyoto), and no buses needed to get to the actual city (Kanazawa!). And with Nagoya, it’s …


TDM 1874 Interview with George Juniper

TDM1874 1

Located in the small commuter town of Tokaichiba in West Yokohama, TDM1874 has been brewing for just over a year (when this article comes out) and has already seen interest growing in both its beer and its head brewer, George Juniper. Sales of their beers, which started in their own brewpub, have spread across Japan and can now be found …

Atsugi Beer Interview with Mochizuki-san

Lambic Mochizuki-san

Atsugi Beer has been operating since 1997, and has been at the same location for the whole time. Quite rare for a Japanese brewery to have been in the same place for so long, but when the local politician not only asks you to make a beer for the area but also provides you with the building, then why move? …


Ishikawa Shuzo Interview with Yahachiro Ishikawa

Ishikawa Shuzo Logo

Fussa, located in the western reaches of Tokyo city, is a city that is more well known to Westerners for the US air base situated in the Yokota area; however, Ishikawa Shuzo, makers of the Tama no Megumi range of beer, has a much longer history and connection with the Tama area. They have been craft beer since 1998, when …


Interview with Kakui-san from Chateau Kamiya

Chateau Kamiya

Chateau Kamiya, located in Ushiku, Ibaraki is a brewery so steeped in the history of western alcohol in Japan, that it’s hard to understand why it isn’t bigger than it is. They’ve been making wine here since the Meiji era and were, along with the original Spring Valley Brewery in Yokohama, one of the first to be making beers brewed …


Shonan Beer Interview at Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Awards

Not many people will be aware that Shonan Beer, brewed by Kumazawa Brewing, is actually an offshoot of a sake brewery located in the middle of nowhere. Found in Kagawa, about ten minutes north of Chigasaki on the Sagami Line, Kumazawa Brewing has been around for over 140 years, though it’s only since 1996 that they have been brewing Shonan …


Brimmer Brewing Interview

Brimmer Beer Interview Scott

BeerTengoku spent a brisk November morning getting under the feet of the busy folks at Brimmer Brewing out in Kuji, Kawasaki City. Kuji is not exactly a bucolic paradise. Served by a single tiny station, the primary industry appears to be mainly garbage-centric. As we walked along the trickle of a river towards Brimmer Brewing on this chilly morning, we …


Interview with Mark Major, Outsider Brewing

Outsider Brewing Mark and Niwa-san

If Niwa-san is the brains of Outsider Brewing, then Mark is the brawn of it. A strange analogy to use but without either of the pair, Outsider Brewing would not exist in its current form. When BeerTengoku went to meet them, we first met Niwa-san, interview here, and Mark walked in confidently about twenty minutes later, sharing jokes with Niwa-san and injecting …

Interview with Niwa-san from Outsider Brewing

Interview with Niwa-san 1

For those knowledgeable about the Japanese craft beer scene, Niwa-san from Outsider Brewing could be revered with a quasi-deity like status among brewers in Japan. For those new to the scene or without much interest, you may have already tried some of his beers without realizing, with Iwate Kura being a good showcase to start from. Niwa-san was modest to …

Bay Brewing Yokohama Interview

Bay Brewing Yokohama Brewmaster, Shinya Suzuki.

It seems that every couple of months, a new brewery opens up in Japan riding the coat tails of the craft beer revolution. Yet Bay Brewing Yokohama was one of the first brewpubs to have come through the process with a reputation for great beer. That reputation came about because of Shinya Suzuki, the brew master of Bay Brewing Yokohama. …