Kanto’s Best Drinking Areas

Kanto’s Best Drinking Areas

We’re often asked about the best places to drink in Kanto – there’s plenty of craft beer to go around. If you’re a Patreon, then you already have access to personalised guides for ages here, but here’s a more general guide about areas for Kanto and some standout bars that come highly recommended. It’s not something that has been taken …

Craft Beer & Burgers in Kanto

Folk Burger and Beer Food 1・フォークバーガーズアンドビアーズフード1

It’s no secret that Japan loves its hamburgers – after all, it does have the second most McDonald’s after the USA. However, Japan is also well-known for its beef, with wagyu being synonymous with steaks and beef in general around the world. So it’s only natural that Japan began to focus on the hamburger and to level it up. In …

Patreon Guide #6 – Kanazawa

Kanazawa Drinking Guide

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