Daigo Pilsner by Daigo Brewery

Daigo Pilsner

Daigo Pilsner is a 5% pilsner from Daigo Brewery, based in Ibaraki, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and Daigo Pilsner can be found both in bottles and on taps. And that is all we could find out about Daigo Pilsner. Daigo Pilsner Aroma and Taste Daigo Pilsner poured out a hazy golden colour with minimal amount of head …


Daigo Brewery Information

Daigo Brewery Logo

Daigo Brewery is a Japanese craft beer brewery based in Ibraki, Japan.  Daigo Brewery are brewers of the Yamizo Morino Beer range and also operate a brewpub on site too. Daigo Brewery’s beers are all made using malt imported from Germany and also local spring from the local Yachiyama mountain range. The brewery opened up soon after the Japanese government reduced legislation …


Yamizo Morino Beer Helles by Daigo Brewery

Yamizo Morino Beer Helles

Yamizo Morino Beer Helles is a 5.5% dortumunder / helles style beer from Daigo Brewery, based in Ibaraki prefecture Japan. It is a bottom fermented beer that is continually watched by the brewmaster until it is ready. I can’t imagine that person having fun watching beer age, especially if they are continually watching it, but that’s what Daigo Brewery states …

Daigo Weizen by Daigo Brewery

Daigo Weizen

Daigo Weizen, sometimes advertised as Yamizo Morino Daigo Weizen, is a German hefeweizen style beer from Daigo Brewery. There isn’t much information out there on the net. Heck, even the brewery homepage doesn’t seem to exist either anymore but they’re still making beer at the time of writing. Daigo Weizen Aroma and Taste Daigo Weizen doesn’t pour out with much life …