Ottotto Brewery Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo

Ottotto Brewery Shibuya Front・オットットブルワリー渋谷道玄坂店店前

Ottotto Brewery Shibuya The Bottom Line Ottotto Brewery Shibuya is a weird one – it’s hard to say whether I really liked it or not, because the previous place disappointed me so much that anything that came after it would probably have been a better choice. The main disappointment to Ottotto Brewery Shibuya is that unlike the other location at Ottotto …

Cafe Bankan in Koenji, Tokyo

Cafe Bankan Outside

Cafe Bankan One Paragraph Review Cafe Bankan is a tad on the pricey side for beers but go for the tasting set and you’ll leave happy (inebriated). Cafe Bankan had free wi-fi (just ask them behind the bar for the password), and no table charge was included. The bad news is that it allows smoking both inside and outside. I didn’t …