Drunken Ramblings #12: Women & Beer

Women And Beer

Here at BeerTengoku, we believe in bringing people to drink together and talk over a few pints of craft beer. We may not agree with what makes craft beer, what constitutes a good beer, or even if a beer is any good or not. However, one thing that we can all agree on is that everyone should be treated equally …

Drunken Ramblings #11: Bottle Charges

How do you drink your beer? A silly question to ask but usually the answer would be either from a glass, or straight from the bottle or can. It doesn’t really matter sometimes how you drink your beer, though of course, if you want to really appreciate the aroma and taste of the beer, then glassware usually helps, as well …


Craft Beer Happy Hour in Tokyo

Happy Hour Craft Beer

If you have read our article on Cheap Craft Beer Bars in Tokyo, then you may have wondered where the happy hour bars are. Well, not everyone can get to a bar when happy hour is on, though some people can. Tokyo isn’t known for being a cheap place for eating or drinking, but if you look hard enough, or …


Drunken Ramblings #10: Paying More for Less

Craftsman Yokohama Beer 3

“What would you like to drink?” An often posed question that, if you’re like me, is often a difficult choice. Do you go for the same beer that you had last time and know is good, or do you try something new on the menu? Perhaps there is more than one beer you want to try but you not fully …


Cheap Craft Beer Bars in Tokyo

Cheap Craft Beer Bar Tokyo

Tokyo isn’t known for being a cheap place for eating or drinking but if you look hard enough, or follow BeerTengoku, then you may have come across some craft beer bars that are cheap and are worth visiting. The only problem though is that there may be hidden costs or disadvantages: table charges, tax not included, or smoking throughout. In …


Drunken Ramblings #9: Getting Someone into Craft Beer

Getting Someone into Craft Beer

How would you go about introducing someone to craft beer? Say you had a friend – I know a few of you do – who exclusively drinks the big four beers. You see them at barbecues and they’d be drinking the ubiquitous Kirin Tanrei (you know, the “いいんだよ!グリーンだよ!” (Iindayo! Green dayo!) beer). They seem curious about your stubborn insistence to …


Drunken Ramblings #8: Craft(y) Beers

Perhaps you’ve seen them in your local convenience store. Maybe you’ve been in a supermarket looking for something to drink and they’ve caught your eye. Quite possibly, you’ve gone to your friend’s house and they’ve offered you one as they know you like craft beer and your friend wants to get in. They look like craft beers, maybe enough to …


Drunken Ramblings #7: List Those Ingredients

Soapbox Ingredients

Many of you read BeerTengoku whilst drinking a beer or few, perhaps in your local or on the train home. I know that when I’m writing a beer review, I’m often drinking the beer I’m reviewing at the time, or a second beer that is being used to keep the writing mind lubricated and flowing. But put that beer down …


Drunken Ramblings #6: Choice of Craft Beer

Craft beer choice

It’s starting to happen. Go to your local craft beer bar or restaurant and look at the menu. Does it look familiar? How about the place you went to last week or the week before? Are any of the choices the same to what you had before? Didn’t you have that same beer you’re drinking now as you read this …


Drunken Ramblings #5: Mysterious Charges

After being fed up with poor servings of craft beer and prices, another rant has reared its ugly head – table charges and other mysterious prices. Now, I know that drinking beer in bars is more expensive than drinking at home – impulse-buying of special bottles, tabs to settle and such- and I don’t mind paying a thousand yen a …