Shiga Kogen / Hair of the Dog Eckhardt by Tamamura Honten

Shiga Kogen / Hair of the Dog Eckhardt・志賀高原ビール×ヘアオブザドッグ エックハルト

Shiga Kogen / Hair of the Dog Eckhardt is a 12% American strong ale from Tamamura Honten, based in Yamanouchi, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range, with this beer being brewed with Hair of the Dog Brewing Company, based in Portland. For those people who have forgotten, Shiga Kogen have already brewed with them on their Shiga Kogen …


Tamamura Honten Information

Shiga Kogen Beer Lineup

Tamamura Honten started brewing Shiga Kogen Beer, like several other breweries such as Kiuchi Brewery, as an offshoot from a sake brewery. In 2004, Tamamura Honten applied for a license and started brewing in September of the same year. Unlike other breweries however, Shiga Kogen Beer receives 20% of its hops from the local area, produced by Tamamura Honten. Tamamura Honten’s Main Lineup Shiga …