Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter

Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter is a 5% porter from Yorocco Beer based in Kanagawa, Japan. Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter is part of their seasonal line up and was first released in late 2016 as part of the 3rd anniversary celebrations of Yorocco Beer Taproom at Beach Muffin. It was brewed using fresh maple, coffee and vanilla beans. At the time …


Yorocco Ace of Space by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Ace of Space

Yorocco Ace of Space is a 5.5% black saison from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi, Kanagawa. It’s part of a limited edition range and was brewed as a collaborative effort with Metal Battle Japan, with the label being designed by Mystery Cuts Radio (who shall remain nameless to ensure his rock legend). The name, if you hadn’t guessed, is a …

Yorocco Zesty Saison by Yorocco Beer

Beach Muffin Food 2

Yorocco Zesty Saison is a 4.5% saison from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi, Kanagawa. It’s part of their draft range and is brewed using amanatsu or natsumikan, which looks something like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange. While the fruit is most commonly grown in Yamanashi, it can be seen across Japan, and it seems Yorocco Beer have …

Yorocco Beer Information

Yorocco Beer Logo

Yorocco Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Zushi, Kanagawa prefecture that opened in September 2012. The owner and head brewer, Kichise-san started out owning a bar in Enoshima for almost a decade before moving into the brewing business. Yorocco Beer originally started out serving beer to local restaurants and bars in the area and Beach Muffin in Zushi …


ヨロッコカルチベーターは6%のベルギー・ペールエールです。ヨロッコビールの夏限定のラインアップを一部です。ヨロッコカルチベーターはホップ用にアマリロ、シンコー、センテニアル、シトラを酒造する。酵母用にベルギーからを使う。 ヨロッコカルチベーターの目鼻舌 目:曇ったゴールデンの色です。真っ白な泡をある。 鼻:ベルギーの酵母を嗅ぐ。ホップからレモン、グレープフルーツ、マンゴ、グアバ。 舌:ドライです!ヨロッコビールはだいたいドライ味する。酵母からスパイシーな甘さです。ホップから苦くないですけどシトルス味をある。 オンライン販売 ヨロッコビール


Yorocco Beer ヨロッコセゾン

ヨロッコセゾンは4%のセゾンです。ヨロッコビールの瓶ビールのラインアップを一部です。生ビールも飲めます。 ヨロッコセゾンの目鼻舌 目:曇ったのゴールデンのオレンジの色です。泡は薄い真っ白です。 鼻:ベルギー産の酵母を匂いする。パン、シトルスの香りもある。 舌:スッキリなモルト、酵母を味する。弱いサワーの味をあるけど良い味です。フルーティーなオレンジです。 オンライン販売 ヨロッコビール  

Yorocco IPA by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco IPA

Yorocco IPA is a 6% American IPA from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi. It is the third beer in the bottled beer range following the Yorocco Black Saint and the Yorocco Kinkan Blond. While this may be the third beer in the range, it has been seen on tap at Beach Muffin in Zushi so it’s not known at the time …

Yorocco Black Saint by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Black Saint

Yorocco Black Saint is a 7.5% Imperial porter from Yorocco Beer that was first released in bottle form in February 2016. It was part of their limited edition range, and was the first beer of four to be released, with Yorocco Kinkan Blond being the second. As it’s an imperial porter, this review is the first with the other five …

Yorocco Kinkan Blond by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Kinkan Blond

Yorocco Kinkan Blond is a 6% fruit beer from Yorocco Beer that is part of their limited edition run. It was first released in bottle form in March 2016 direct from the brewery. During the brewing process, Akio-san, head brewer at Yorocco Beer, picked and cut 2000 kinkans, or kumquat, before adding them to the secondary fermenter. Yorocco Kinkan Blond was the …


Yorocco Skywalker IPA by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Skywalker IPA is a 6% American IPA from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi, Kanagawa. I was going to make this review full of Star Wars references but I got told, in no uncertain terms by Joe, not to do it. Its name has an obvious link to the movies but rumours are abound that it is actually a reference …