Beer Belly Tosabori in Tosabori, Osaka

Beer Belly Tosabori Front

Beer Belly Tosabori The Bottom Line Despite Beer Belly being all smoking, it’s hard not to recommend it due to the sheer variety of beers on tap and the great atmosphere inside – especially late in the evening in a wet and soggy Osaka.. There is no table charge and all prices include tax as well; however, there is no wifi. …

Oonoya in Shinmachi, Osaka

Oonoya Front

Oonoya The Bottom Line Oonoya combines two of my loves – grilled meat on sticks, aka yakitori, and craft beer but it’s hard to recommend Oonoya – the smokey atmosphere and slow service meant our time there was less than enjoyable. It’s a shame as the atmosphere was fun and jovial with groups of people laughing and joking together. The place …

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze in Kitahorie, Osaka

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Front

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze The Bottom Line Craft Beer Works Kamikaze is a definite go to place on our list of Osaka bars for it’s sheer selection of beers though the prices and sizes do leave something to be desired. It ticked most of all the right boxes on our (lengthy) list – free WiFi, no smoking, and no table …

Craft Beer House Devinchi in Sonezaki, Osaka

Craft Beer House Devinchi Front

Craft Beer House Devinchi The Bottom Line Perhaps because it was the end of a long day of travelling and drinking but Craft Beer House Devinchi really didn’t hit the spot for me. While it had a good atmosphere, the smoking across the bar wasn’t welcome and I could have sworn that one of the beers I had was off but …

Ale House Kamiya in Dōyamachō, Osaka

Ale House Kamiya Front

Ale House Kamiya The Bottom Line Ale House Kamiya is Osaka’s version of Bay Brewing Yokohama – full on wrestling pub that has a good atmosphere but thanks to the beer choices, doesn’t really offer anything that can’t be found elsewhere for cheaper. The beer prices though are some of the cheapest in Osaka and all prices include tax plus …

Umbrella Rib in Higashi Umeda, Osaka

Umbrella Rib in Higashi Umeda, Osaka Front

Umbrella Rib The Bottom Line Umbrella Rib is a small little place that involves a bit of a walk but it’s well worth going down there for some decent beers and food. While there is no table charge, prices don’t include the mandatory 8% tax. The menus had the essential information in English, that is, the names of the beers …


Tsujido Beer Hall Front

辻堂駅から何と徒歩一分、2017オープンの辻堂ビヤホールを紹介します。 辻堂駅南口から一分徒歩の落合ビル2Fに、辻堂ビヤホールという小さなビールバーがあります。マネージャーのキクチさんはビール注ぎマイスターで、英語ペラペラ。面白い人です! 店のインテリア 辻堂ビヤホールのインテリア はレンガ壁、エジソン式電球、ダークウッドのカウンター。スタイリッシュでちょこっとジャズバーの雰囲気。 ビール 大手のビール(エビス)2種類とクラフトビール5種類。小さめの樽ので、ハーフパイントのみで用意します。クラフトビールは約2週間ごとに交換します。 BeerTengokuが行った時のクラフトビールのラインナップは: 常陸宮ネストのヴァイツェン アウトサイダーブリューイングのドランクモンクトリペル 志賀高原のインディアンサマーセゾン  スワンレークのアンバーエール 料理 ソーセージのグリル、オイスターのオイル焼き、ポテト、カレーライスなど。隣の居酒屋で用意するのでジャケットやコートにファブリーズ必要なし! BeerTengokuの感想 駅に激近い、テーブルチャージなし、スタッフが優しい。寄り道にぴったり! 店の情報 Tel: 0466-37-1211 R東海道本線 辻堂駅南口より徒歩1分 神奈川県藤沢市辻堂 1-2-23 落合ビル 2F 禁煙 テーブルチャージなし Wi-Fiなし 貸切あり 営業時間:17:00〜26:00(L.O.25:30)、 休み:日曜日 ホームページ:

Closed: Gotsubo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Gotsubo Front

Editor’s Note: Gotsubo has closed due to development of the area. This review has been kept up for posterity’s sake. Gotsubo The Bottom Line What Gotsubo lacks in space and extensive tap list, it makes up in atmosphere and is perhaps one of the most charismatic little bars in Japan I’ve come across. The tap list is solid, with Shiga Kogen …


Craft Meat in Shibaura, Tokyo

Craft Meat Front

Craft Meat The Bottom Line If you don’t mind a bit of a walk, then Craft Meat is a cracking little place to try some cheap craft beer – though be warned, the food is pretty pricey for the portion sizes you get. While during the week it’s strongly recommended you book a table ahead of time, what with all the …

Cube Bar in Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Cube Bar Front

Cube Bar The Bottom Line It’s tough to recommend Cube Bar at all – high prices that don’t include tax, a bizarre “service charge” system of 13% means the more you drink, the more extra charges you have to pay in the end, and it’s all smoking too. For those two reasons, I’d say avoid the place if you can. The …