Brewpub Ergo Bibamus in Kannai, Yokohama

Brewpub Ergo Bibamus Front

Brewpub Ergo Bibamus The Bottom Line I hate using the word potential, but Brewpub Ergo Bibamus has it – now it just has to live up to what its planning on offering, and fast. In its current form, I can’t see Brewpub Ergo Bibamus being high up on craft beer fans’ list of places to go – it’s out of the way, …



Barley Wheat Front

蒲田駅から歩きに5分内。2016年9月に開けました。 バーレーウィートのインテリア 席は60ぐらいある。カウンター席もあります。 店内は禁煙ですけど玄関の前で喫煙ブースあります。 チャージは324円。ジャイントコーンまたバナナチップスを貰います。 Wi-Fiもある。 バーレーウィートのビール タップが15本です。2本はマクロのクラフトビールですが13本はクラフトビールです。 グラスは2種類;レギュラーは330mlです。値段は700円から900円までです。パイントは473mlです。値段は900円から1200円までです。税金は含まれていません。 テイスティングセット・ビールライトもある。150mlの3杯は1300円です。 バーレーウィートの料理 肉が多いですけどベジタリアンは特にないです。 良いサイズの部分。税金は含まれていません。 サラダもあります。 もちろんポテトフライがあります! BeerTengokuの感想 チャージと税金は含まれていませんから高いですけど料理は美味しいです。 バーレーウィートの情報 営業時間: 毎日 17:00 – 23:30 ハッピーアワー: なし 電話番号: 03-3731-5131 ホームページ: http://nikubar-kamata.com/ SNS: Facebook バーレーウィートの行き方

Yona Yona Beer Works Shinjuku in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Yona Yona Shinjuku Front

Yona Yona Beer Works Shinjuku The Bottom Line Yona Yona Beer Works Shinjuku doesn’t offer up anything different to the rest of the chain – and that’s a shame. With identical decor, beer, and food, Yona Yona Beer Works has become the McDonald’s of the craft beer world. It would have been nice to have seen something different – perhaps a …

Barley Wheat Hamamatsucho in Daimon, Tokyo

Barley Wheat Hamamatsucho Front

Barley Wheat Hamamatsucho The Bottom Line It’s really not worth trekking out to Barley Wheat Hamamatsucho considering what is in the area. While it does have a nice chilled out atmosphere, especially at the weekend where it seems the whole area is cleared out due to the lack of office workers, the prices and servings just do not justify going there. …


The Red Dragon in Nagano, Nagano

Guest Review by Sam Dwyer- Check out his blog here! The Red Dragon: The Bottom Line The Red Dragon Pub is a British Style Pub here in Nagano city that features an ever changing menu of Japanese craft beers. Most of these beers are local, some are from further prefectures. Aside from beers there is some unreal pub style food …


Closed: Brew La La in Shimbashi, Tokyo

Brew La La Front

Editor’s Note: Brew La La has confirmed to have closed. This review will stay up for posterity’s sake. Brew La La The Bottom Line Brew La La is great. The staff is friendly, the beer selection is wide, the food is solid pub fare, and there’s regular events such as pub quizzes (we didn’t stick around for the Star Wars …


Craft Beer Dodo House in Meguro, Tokyo

Craft Beer Dodo House

Craft Beer Dodo House The Bottom Line Craft Beer Dodo House may be off the beaten craft beer track in Tokyo, but I liked it. While it does involve a bit of a walk from Meguro station, the varied tap list and friendly, non-smoking atmosphere helped make Craft Beer Dodo House stand out. The main downside to Craft Beer Dodo House was …


Another8 in Meguro, Tokyo

Another8 Front

Another8 The Bottom Line Another8 isn’t a bad bar – it ticks all the right things with prices inclusive of tax, no table charge, and no smoking – but the boxes it doesn’t tick are the prices. Sitting there knowing there were cheaper places on either side of the Yamanote line meant that I felt I was paying more for …


Beer House Molto in Umeda, Osaka

Beer House Molto Front

Beer House Molto The Bottom Line Beer House Molto does have a good range of beers but unless you’re a member of their program or are looking for a place to to get some incredible views of Osaka whilst drinking some slightly pricey beer, then it’s hard to recommend it over places in Osaka. The prices include tax and there is …

Beer Belly Tosabori in Tosabori, Osaka

Beer Belly Tosabori Front

Beer Belly Tosabori The Bottom Line Despite Beer Belly being all smoking, it’s hard not to recommend it due to the sheer variety of beers on tap and the great atmosphere inside – especially late in the evening in a wet and soggy Osaka.. There is no table charge and all prices include tax as well; however, there is no wifi. …