Drunken Ramblings #3: Beer Awards

Soapbox 3: Beer Awards Title Pic

(Quick notice: Most of this article was written before the World Beer Awards for countries was released on 12th August) Congratulations to all those breweries that won awards at the World Beer Awards in 2015. Japanese breweries were represented by Minoh Beer, who scooped awards for the Minoh Beer Stout and the Minoh Pale Ale, Tazawako with the Tazawako Beer …


Drunken Ramblings #2: Beer Labels and Buzzwords

Minoh Beer Image

Parts of this article appeared in my review for K’s Brewing Brewmaster Blonde Dry Ale. The reason I’m writing this soapbox article stems from the bloody awful label on an otherwise fine blonde ale. I’m going to go into my reaction to the label (which was pretty adverse), and why the brewery may have chosen to go with such a …


Drunken Ramblings #1: Prices


If you have been following our Twitter feed, you would have come across a picture of us buying some Baird Beer at the Bashamichi Taproom and being shocked that nine bottles cost around ¥3,500. Yet some people decided to email and complain that was still too expensive when they could get a six-pack of Kirin for half of that price …