Beer Garage 87 in Irie, Yokohama

Beer Garage 87 Front

Beer Garage 87 The Bottom Line While the beer list at Beer Garage 87 is interesting, and the owner is generally one of the most friendly and interesting bar owners I’ve met on my BeerTengoku travels, neither of those points can save the fact that as Beer Garage 87 is in the middle of nowhere, you have to have some special reason …

Jibiru Bar Marumugi in Yotsuya, Tokyo

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Front

Jibiru Bar Marumugi The Bottom Line If you’re in the area, then Jibiru Bar Marumugi is a decent choice compared to what else there is in the area – nothing. However, unless you are in the area, then Jibiru Bar Marumugi isn’t worth trekking into Tokyo for. It had a nice quaint atmosphere, but the owner just decided to watch TV and …


Closed: Century Break in Fujisawa, Kanagawa

Century Break Outside 1

Editor’s Note: Century Break closed on 20th January 2018. This review has been left up for archive purposes. Century Break The Bottom Line If you’re in the area, then Century Break is definitely worth popping into for a couple of quiet beers. It’s got a decent range of beers on at reasonable prices which all include tax. Moreover, there is …


Ushitora in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Ushitora Front

Ushitora The Bottom Line If you’re trying to find Ushitora Brewing’s beers on tap for the cheapest prices, then Ushitora comes highly recommended. However, for other breweries’ beers, then be prepared to pay a pretty penny for them, even by the usual Tokyo standards. Thankfully there aren’t any extra charges as tax is included and there isn’t a table charge either to …

Closed: Thrashzone Meatballs in Kannai, Yokohama

Thrashzone Meatballs

Editor’s Note: Thrashzone Meatballs closed at the end of May 2020. This review is being kept up for posterity’s sake. Thrashzone Meatballs One Paragraph Review If you’re looking for more of Thrashzone in Yokohama, then having Thrashzone Meatballs here will sort you out perfectly. It doesn’t offer much compared to the other bars in the area besides heavy metal music and …

Tap Stand Craft Beer in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tap Stand Craft Front

Tap Stand Craft Beer One Paragraph Review It’s hard to recommend Tap Stand Craft Beer unless you have a rich benefactor behind you. With its perfect location near JR Shinjuku station comes with a hefty price, it’s expensive for everything: beer, food, and everything else in between but at least tax is included in the price. However, there is a ¥300 …


Pigalle in Sangenjaya, Tokyo

Pigalle Front

Pigalle One Paragraph Review It’s really hard for us to recommend Pigalle really. While the beers on tap are varied and the prices included tax, they are expensive for the amount of beer you get, considering Shibuya is two stops along and has far more bars that are cheaper and give you more beer for your money. It does have a …


Living Craft Beer Bar in Kannai, Yokohama

Living Craft Beer Bar Front

Living Craft Beer Bar One Paragraph Review It’s hard to really recommend Living Craft Beer Bar unless you’re in the area and desperate for a craft beer. It’s expensive for the beers it offers, regardless of the addition of tax and the varying prices didn’t seem to make any sense at all. While the food is delicious, especially the pizza, if …

Closed: Biere Cave Jan Bar in Kannai, Yokohama

Biere Cave Jan Bar Front

Edit: Biere Cave Jan Bar closed at the end of March 2017. This review has been left up for archive purposes. Biere Cave Jan Bar TL;DR Biere Cave Jan Bar is a cosy little bar that is at the “wrong” end of Kannai. If you’re in the area, the non-smoking atmosphere and tax included prices is a welcome addition though the …

Sakura Taps in Sakuragicho, Yokohama

Sakura Taps

Sakura Taps, or to give it its full name, Sakura Taps Craft Beer & Coffee, is a small bar located about five-minutes south of JR Sakuragicho station in the Noge district that lies somewhere between Sakuragicho and Hinodecho station on the Keikyu line. This was the second visit that I’ve made to Sakura Taps, with the first being a drunken stumble across …