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Nihonkai Beer Club, or sometimes known as Heart & Beer Nihonkai Beer Club, is perhaps one of Japan’s most remote breweries, as it is located on the Noto peninsula, in Ishikawa prefecture, hence the name Nihonkai which means “Japan Sea”. The brewery opened up in June 1998, and since then, have been primarily focused on Czech style beers. All of …


Nihonkai IBA

日本海倶楽部のIBAはアメリカンのブラウンエールです。名前は インディアン=インドの ブラウン=ビールの色合い(濃い茶色) エール=上面発酵ビール から。 アルコールは7%。本海倶楽部のIBAは夏の限定なビールです。アロマホップはカスケードですがモルツは分かりませんけどIBUは70点。 目:メチャ濃褐色です。酵母沈殿物なし。泡は白く少し茶色になる。 鼻:甘いモルツ、キャラメルとローストな香りです。暖まるときそれはレモンと松の木のにおいをする。 舌:スムーズなローストとキャラメルの味。レモンとグレープフルーツも味わった。苦いですがすぐ退色した。後味はレモンと少しキャラメルをありました。

Nihonkai Club Dark Lager by Nihonkai Beer Club

Nihonkai Club Dark Lager

Nihonkai Club Dark Lager is a 5% Czech-style dark lager, sometimes referred to as a dunkel or a tmavý style beer from Nihonkai Beer Club, based in Ishikawa, Japan. Nihonkai Club Dark Lager is part of their all-year round range and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan, with this review coming from the draft version. It is …


Nihonkai Club Pilsner by Nihonkai Club

Craft Beer Market Koenji Nihonkai Pilsner

Nihonkai Club Pilsner is a 5% Czech pilsner from Nihonkai Club, based in Ishikawa, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and can be found in bottles as well as on tap with both versions being non-filtered. It’s brewed using imported Saaz hops from the Czech Republic and has also won silver medal at the International Beer …