Miyazaki Hideji Beer Information

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Hideji Beer, or to give the range its full name Miyazaki Hideji Beer, is a brewery based in Miyazaki, Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu. Hideji Beer launched in 1996 soon after the Japanese government reduced the limits for the brewing licenses, under parent company Nishida. Never heard of them? Well Nishida is a wholesaler of petroleum products, and the …

Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu by Hideji Beer

Miyazaki no Minori

Look at that bottle! Great bottle design always impresses me and Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu grabbed my attention enough in World Gourmet to warrant a purchase. It is the beer equivalent of all those puppy and cat memes that went around late 2014. Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu is a 5% fruit beer, a style that has not done so well on BeerTengoku, …