Locobeer Wee Heavy by Locobeer

Locobeer Wee Heavy

Locobeer Wee Heavy is an 8.5% scotch ale from Locobeer, based in Chiba, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition anniversary seasonal lineup and can be found on sale from December onwards until stocks last. Many of the bottles from each batch of Locobeer Wee Heavy are also laid down for almost year and sold in subsequent years. It starts off …


Locobeer Kaori no nama ロコビア香りの生

ロコビア香りの生は5.5%のケルシュです。ロコビアのレギュラーラインアップの一部です。ロコビアはドイツ産のホップを酒造する。ロコビアから「ビールのオリンピックである「ワールド・ビア・カップ」にて3大会連続メダル受賞の他、世界の様々なコンペティションでもメダルを受賞しています。」 ロコビア香りの生の目鼻舌 目:明るいオレンジ黄色です。薄い白い泡です。 鼻:甘いモルト、ビスケット、ウィートです。ホップはフローラルの匂いです。暖かい時にはちみつの香りがある。 舌:冷たい時にすっくり、弱い甘さを味する。僕に炭酸力が低いです。暖かい時に味はいいバランスする。 オンライン販売 ロコビアオンラインショップ

Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël) by Locobeer

Locobeer Super Saison (2013)

Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël) is a 9% Belgian speciality ale from Locobeer that is part of their winter seasonal range of beers. The Super Saison range are released in time for Christmas, both in 2013 and 2014 though at the time of writing, 2015 had not been released and there was no indicator either of it being so. Locobeer Super …

Locobeer American Barleywine by Locobeer

Locobeer American Barleywine

Locobeer American Barleywine is a 9.5% barleywine from Locobeer, based in Chiba. It was first released in 2013 as part of their first year anniversary in a limited batch of 234 bottles. Why 234? We’re yet to get an answer on that one. It has an IBU of 100+ and was aged for eight months in the tank before being …

Locobeer Information

Locobeer Logo

Locobeer, now in its second incarnation as a brewery, first started out as Shimono Loco Beer in 1998 but was eventually bought out by head brewer Kagitani Momoya, who is still there to this day. Kagitani-san kept some of the original beers first brewed by Shimono Loco Beer but since then, she has added some more of her own variations after …

Loco Tangerine Trip by Locobeer

Loco Tangerine Trip

Loco Tangerine Trip is a 5.5% saison from Locobeer that contains locally sourced Fukure oranges. If that sounds familiar to you, then it should as the Hitachino Nest DAi DAi Ale also contains the same oranges. Loco Tangerine Trip is an autumn seasonal beer that was first on sale from August 2015  and can be found in bottled form at the moment. …