Baird Bryan’s First IPA by Baird Beer

Baird Bryan's First IPA

With Baird Beer turning 15 years old in 2015, they have chosen to release some special beers to commemorate the anniversary and Bryan’s First IPA is one of those beers. If you’ve been to the brewery, read our tour, or seen any pictures, then you will have seen the kit that Bryan first used to brew this beer. It’s a …

Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner by Tamamura Honten

Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner

Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner is a late review of a special beer from Tamamura Honten that was first released in June 2014. Why did it take me so long to review it? Well, I had other beers but this one is a 5% pilsner. Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner is brewed using a cross between an American and Czech idea …

Shiga Kogen BLOND by Tamamura Honten

Shiga Kogen BLOND

Two special beers in less than a week from Tamamura Honten; first with the Shiga Kogen Fake Weizen and now this Shiga Kogen BLOND. It’s a blond / golden ale brewed using pilsner malts and also some American and Czech hops thrown in there too. Shiga Kogen BLOND is a special 5% limited edition beer that was first produced in 2015. …

Tamamura Honten The Far East Barrel Aged House Imperial IPA by Tamamura Honten

Tamamura Honten The Far East Barrel Aged House Imperial IPA

Tamamura Honten The Far East Barrel Aged House Imperial IPA, and now breather, is a 13% American strong ale that has been stored in whiskey casks provided by Ichiro’s Malt and then floor malted. Don’t know what floor malted means? Me neither. It just means malt that has been spread out on the floor and left to dry. It has …


Shiga Kogen IBA 志賀高原IBA

志賀高原IBAは7%のブラックインディアペールエールです。玉村本店の志賀高原ビールの秋限定なビールです。志賀高原は生ホップを使う。「生ホップってなに」。生ホップは新たに採取し、直ちに使用。志賀高原IBAはウィラメット、センテニアルを酒造する。 志賀高原IBAの目鼻舌 目:真っ黒なボディーです。泡がオフホワイトです。少しブラウンのバブルがある。泡もゆっくり消える。 鼻:ロストコーヒー、ブラックモルト、チョコレート、レモン、パイナップルです。すごく色々なアロマを嗅ぐ。 舌:ホップとロストはバランスする。IPAとポーター味があります。レモンとチョコレート。パイナップルとコーヒー。もちろん苦さはある。 オンライン販売 玉村本店オンラインショップ

Shiga Kogen Narrow Escape IPA by Tamamura Honten

Shiga Kogen Narrow Escape IPA

Shiga Kogen Narrow Escape IPA is a 7.5% American IPA from Tamamura Honten that is part of their limited edition release of beers. It was originally released at the beginning of December 2015 in both bottles and on draft form across Japan. It is unique in that during the brewing process of the Shiga Kogen No 10 Anniversary IPA, some …

Baird Giebels Alt by Baird Brewing Company

Giebels Alt

Baird Giebels Alt is part of Baird Beer’s special series and was brewed to celebrate the opening of their new Shuzenji Brewery in June 2014. Our bottle of Baird Giebels Alt was brewed just before the new brewery was opened and comes in a nondescript label, so you have to be careful to spot this one. Baird Giebels Alt Aroma …

Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt by Coedo

coedonado ichiro's malt is not for the faint of heart.

Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt. Where to start? Ok, let’s begin. In 2012, Coedo collaborated with Coronado, an American West Coast brewery, to produce Coedonado, an American strong ale, that was well received. Coedo then had the audacity to take it one step further by taking Coedonado and storing it in bourbon whiskey barrels and then aging it for a minimum of …