Off the Beaten Track #4

Kyodoai in Kyoto 1

Looking for places to drink in Kyoto should be easy, right? We have our Kyoto Drinking Guide to help find some places for you – except not all of them are open from lunch or early afternoon. I was on a work trip – aka a school trip – for a few days, and I had one day spare to …

Craft Beer Base in Ōyodominami, Osaka

Craft Beer Base Front

Craft Beer Base, which happens to be the first in the chain of bottle shops and bars in Osaka, could easily be mistaken for being a workshop or simply someone’s house when you’re in the area. Situated on the backstreets of Ōyodominami, Craft Beer Base is perhaps Osaka’s most popular, though not the biggest, bottle shop in the area, offering a wide …

Asahiya Liquor Shop in Imaichi, Osaka

Asahiya Liquor Shop Front

After drinking in so many places around Osaka, and not finding many shops to get beers to takeaway, Asahiya Liquor Shop came highly recommended by a BeerTengoku reader (thanks Bill!). But be warned, it’s not close to Osaka station by any means and there isn’t much in the area for you to drink at, so it’s going to take some effort, …

Maruho Saketen in Nishi-ku, Osaka

Maruho Saketen

It’s becoming harder and harder to find online stores that have more than a few kinds of domestic craft beer in stock but Maruho Saketen, a shop that has its front on Raketen – I hear the groan among you – offers some variety. Maruho Saketen has a decent range of the main craft beer breweries in Japan, with 20 different …


Isetan Department Store Kyoto in Kyoto Station, Kyoto

Isetan Department Store Kyoto

After a long slog around Kyoto station trying to find souvenirs besides yatsuhage, dolls, handkerchiefs, or the other usual knickknacks and paraphernalia usually associated with Kyoto, I stumble across this shop in Isetan Department Store Kyoto on B1F. Isetan department store is well known across Japan, with branches in Niigata, Shinjuku, and this Kyoto branch among others; however, I don’t …


Yamaoka Saketen in Botanhoku-cho, Kyoto

Yamaoka Sake Shop 1

It’s not often that a small store manages to become notice nationwide, but Yamaoka Saketen deserves its reputation. Ever since I found out I was going to Kyoto on a business trip, Yamaoka Saketen was high up on the list of places I wanted to visit. Temples? Pfft. Castles? Meh. Geishas? Who. Kyoto may be a cultural centre of wonders but …