Craft Beer Base Bud in Umeda, Osaka

Craft Beer Base Bud Front

Craft Beer Base Bud The Bottom Line Craft Beer Base Bud should be on your list of places to drink in when you’re in Osaka – as long as you can navigate going underground among Osaka’s labyrinthine passages that seem to go everywhere in a loop. The friendly and chilled atmosphere helps out and the bar staff really know their beers. …

Minoh Beer Warehouse in Minoh, Osaka

Minoh Beer Warehouse Front

Minoh Beer Warehouse The Bottom Line When in Rome and all… If you’re in Osaka with a few hours to spare and looking for beer then you should make the effort to get to Minoh Beer Warehouse. It offers up cheap Minoh beer on tap, in a nice cost friendly neighbourhood atmosphere where you can sit and while the hours away. …

Craft Beer House Devinchi in Sonezaki, Osaka

Craft Beer House Devinchi Front

Craft Beer House Devinchi The Bottom Line Perhaps because it was the end of a long day of travelling and drinking but Craft Beer House Devinchi really didn’t hit the spot for me. While it had a good atmosphere, the smoking across the bar wasn’t welcome and I could have sworn that one of the beers I had was off but …

Ale House Kamiya in Dōyamachō, Osaka

Ale House Kamiya Front

Ale House Kamiya The Bottom Line Ale House Kamiya is Osaka’s version of Bay Brewing Yokohama – full on wrestling pub that has a good atmosphere but thanks to the beer choices, doesn’t really offer anything that can’t be found elsewhere for cheaper. The beer prices though are some of the cheapest in Osaka and all prices include tax plus …


Craft Beer Bar Marciero in Dōyamachō, Osaka

Craft Beer Bar Marciero Osaka

Craft Beer Bar Marciero The Bottom Line If you’re in Osaka, then I strongly recommend getting to Craft Beer Bar Marciero – if you can find it and you don’t mind the smoking environment. The tap list rotates often enough and the atmosphere is chilled, yet fun. The food is also tasty and thankfully the owner will explain what’s on the …

Umbrella Rib in Higashi Umeda, Osaka

Umbrella Rib in Higashi Umeda, Osaka Front

Umbrella Rib The Bottom Line Umbrella Rib is a small little place that involves a bit of a walk but it’s well worth going down there for some decent beers and food. While there is no table charge, prices don’t include the mandatory 8% tax. The menus had the essential information in English, that is, the names of the beers …


Tadg\’s Gastro Pub in Kamikorikichō, Kyoto

Tadg's Gastro Pub

It wasn’t easy locating Tadg’s Gastro Pub. Looking on the internet, we found Tadg’s Irish Pub and then had found out that it had closed. Luckily we stumbled upon the website only to find it hadn’t been updated since Christmas. Not the most auspicious of starts. Then, purely by chance, the Facebook page popped up so we quickly sent a …


Beer Komachi in Kyoto

beer komachi sign

Plumped off Komachi shopping street, Beer Komachi is the only shop open late into the night as the small restaurants and izakayas dotted around it close down for the night. Like Bungalow, Beer Komachi also spouts the plastic covering out front although being situated down a small shopping street, it’s hard to see why when it’s protected from the elements. The smell …


Beer Cafe Bakujun in Kyoto

beer cafe bakujun

The craft beer scene and rock music seem to go hand in hand. A few bars that we’ve been to for BeerTengoku, such as Thrash Zone in Yokohama, and Beer Cafe Bakujun is no exception It isn’t the easiest place to find though we heard the strains of Green Day’s American idiot punctuating the quiet Kyoto night. If it hadn’t …

Beer House Craft Man in Nijohanshiki-cho, Kyoto

“Have you been to Beer House Craft Man?” was the first question I got asked by someone I got talking with in Bungalow. The craft beer scene in Kyoto is growing and it seems that the locals are happy to share the knowledge of it to anyone and everyone who is prepared to listen. “Make sure you get in the standing area …