Hakone Odawara Lemon by Hakone Beer

Hakone Odawara Lemon

Hakone Odawara Lemon is a 4.5% fruit beer from Hakone Beer, based in Hakone, Japan. It’s part of their late spring / early summer seasonal lineup and can be found in both bottles, though that was limited to 3000, and on tap primarily across the Kanto area. Hakone Odawara Lemon is brewed using locally sourced lemons from Odawara – the main …


Sankt Gallen Golden Haze IPA by Sankt Gallen

Sankt Gallen Golden Haze IPA

Sankt Gallen Golden Haze IPA is a 6.5% IPA from Sankt Gallen, based in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s part of the New England IPA craze that seems to have made some in-roads in Japan and was first on sale at the end of April 2017. Compared to the Sankt Gallen Yokohama XPA, Sankt Gallen Golden Haze IPA uses three times as many …


Shonan Beer Tengu Barrel Aged Belgian Stout 湘南ビールの天狗ビールバレルエイジベルギースタウト

湘南ビールの天狗ビールバレルエイジベルギースタウトは10.5%のベルギースタウトです。熊澤酒造の限定な天狗のラインアップを一部です。湘南ビールのベルギースタウトはイチローモルトのウィスキーカースクに入って。 湘南ビールの天狗ビールバレルエイジベルギースタウトの目鼻舌 目:恋な真っ黒なボディーです。泡はふんわりのタンのオッフホワイトです。ゆっくり消える。 鼻:クリーミーな香りです。ウィスキー、チョコレート、コーヒー、ココア、バニラの匂いをある。 舌:ボディーは軽いですけど味は良いバランスです。キャラメル、焼きトッフィー、ウィスキー、ベルギーの酵母を味する。 オンライン販売

Yorocco IPA by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco IPA

Yorocco IPA is a 6% American IPA from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi. It is the third beer in the bottled beer range following the Yorocco Black Saint and the Yorocco Kinkan Blond. While this may be the third beer in the range, it has been seen on tap at Beach Muffin in Zushi so it’s not known at the time …

Yorocco Black Saint by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Black Saint

Yorocco Black Saint is a 7.5% Imperial porter from Yorocco Beer that was first released in bottle form in February 2016. It was part of their limited edition range, and was the first beer of four to be released, with Yorocco Kinkan Blond being the second. As it’s an imperial porter, this review is the first with the other five …

Yorocco Kinkan Blond by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Kinkan Blond

Yorocco Kinkan Blond is a 6% fruit beer from Yorocco Beer that is part of their limited edition run. It was first released in bottle form in March 2016 direct from the brewery. During the brewing process, Akio-san, head brewer at Yorocco Beer, picked and cut 2000 kinkans, or kumquat, before adding them to the secondary fermenter. Yorocco Kinkan Blond was the …


Yorocco Skywalker IPA by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Skywalker IPA is a 6% American IPA from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi, Kanagawa. I was going to make this review full of Star Wars references but I got told, in no uncertain terms by Joe, not to do it. Its name has an obvious link to the movies but rumours are abound that it is actually a reference …

Brimmer Session Black IPA by Brimmer Brewing

Brimmer Session Black IPA

Brimmer Session Black IPA is a 5.5% black IPA from Brimmer Brewing, based in Kawasaki. It was originally brewed for Watering Hole’s second anniversary in 2014, but Brimmer Session Black IPA is now part of their seasonal range of beer and was released in bottles in 2015. When it originally came out, it had an abv of 4.5% but it seems …

Kamakura Beer My Funny Valentine by Kamakura Beer

Kamakura Beer My Funny Valentine

Kamakura Beer My Funny Valentine is a belated Valentines brew from Kamakura Beer that is a 5.5% dunkel style beer. We were out wandering around Yokohama when we came across it, and World Gourmet had just received a large batch as of writing. Kamakura Beer My Funny Valentine is brewed annually and usually goes on sale from mid January. Kamakura Beer …


Thrashzone Morbid Red by Thrashzone Brew Labo

Thrashzone Morbid Red

Thrashzone Morbid Red is a 6.8% American IPA brewed by Thrashzone Brew Labo based in Yokohama. It is heavily infused with El Dorado hops while the redness of the beer is associated with the Keihin Kyūkō, aka Keikyu, line that runs through Yokohama station. According to the Thrashzone Brew Labo, the Keikyu line is the “soul train” though it’s a far stretch …