Setouchi Shunsaikan in Shimbashi, Tokyo

setouchi shunsaikan

The third in our series of satellite shops Setouchi Shunsaikan, based in Shimbashi, just behind Craft Beer Bar iBrew Shimbashi and Shinshu Osake Mura. Despite the name, Setouchi Shunsaikan sells products from the Kagawa and Ehime areas of Japan – which means some Umenishiki Yamakawa and also Kagawa Beer is on sale too. There is also a small cafe next door which sells Kagawa and Ehime …


Sanuki Weizen by Kagawa Brewery

Sanuki Weizen

Sanuki Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen style beer from Kagawa Brewery, based in Shikoku. It’s available in both bottles and cans, though the labels vary greatly so make sure you know what you are getting yourself in for when you buy the canned version. The kuukai, or 空海 label, was introduced in 2006 as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations …