Tama no Megumi Weizen by Ishikawa Shuzo

Tama no Megumi Weizen is a 5% German hefeweizen from Ishikawa Shuzo that was once part of their all-year round range of beers but moved to a spring seasonal. It’s brewed using locally sourced water from underground and the final beer is left unfiltered and unpasteurized, hence a short shelf life for this beer. It can be found in bottles …

Ishikawa Brewery Information

Ishikawa Brewery

Ishikawa Brewery, makers of the Tama no Megumi range of craft beer, is a brewery / sake distillery located in Fussa city, west Tokyo. The current range of Tama no Megumi beers were first brewed back in 1998, but the brewery first started making German style beers back in 1887 under the guise of Nihon Bakushu, or Japan Beer. Unfortunately, …


Ishikawa Shuzo Interview with Yahachiro Ishikawa

Ishikawa Shuzo Logo

Fussa, located in the western reaches of Tokyo city, is a city that is more well known to Westerners for the US air base situated in the Yokota area; however, Ishikawa Shuzo, makers of the Tama no Megumi range of beer, has a much longer history and connection with the Tama area. They have been craft beer since 1998, when …


Tama no Megumi Pilsner by Ishikawa Brewery

Tama no Megumi Pilsner

Tama no Megumi Pilsner could be considered THE original beer from Ishikawa Brewery as it’s a bottle-fermented German style pilsner based on the same recipe that the brewery first used back in 1888. It’s got an abv of 5% and is available in large 500ml bottles only – never a bad thing though surprising for a Japanese pilsner. Tama no Megumi Pilsner is also …


Ishikawa Tokyo Blues by Ishikawa Shuzo

Ishikawa Tokyo Blues

Ishikawa Tokyo Blues was first released in 2015 as part of Ishikawa Shuzo’s move away from German style beer to the burgeoning craft beer market of IPAs and session ales. It’s got am abv of 4.5% and is readily available across Kanto and slowly making inroads across Japan. Ishikawa Tokyo Blues is advertised as a session ale but it’s best described …

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark by Ishikawa Shuzo

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark

If you hadn’t guessed by now, German styles are pretty much the main styles of beers brewed in Japan and no other beers are made here. Of course, we’re lying but with Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark, a dunkel style beer brewed using a traditional German recipe, Ishikawa Shuzo make another German style beer. It’s got an abv of 5% and …

Tama no Megumi Helles by Ishikawa Shuzo

Tama no Megumi Helles

Tama no Megumi Helles is a dortmunder / helles style beer from Ishikawa Shuzo that is part of their Spring seasonal line up. It’s got an abv of 5% and comes in bottled form only. Besides that, not much information is known about it, even when it goes on sale. Tama no Megumi Helles Aroma and Taste This was a …


Tama no Megumi Japan Beer by Ishikawa Brewery

Tama no Megumi Japan Beer

I spotted this interesting looking beer in a local Mine Mart. Neither Rob nor I knew anything about Tama no Megumi Japan Beer, which is not a surprise for me but my jaw hit the tatami when Rob didn’t have a clue either. According to the back of the bottle – always a good place to look – the brewery, …