Snow Blanche by Konishi Brewing

Snow Blanche

Snow Blanche is a multiple award-winning witbier from Konishi Brewing. It is brewed with fresh orange peel and coriander, along with the regular ingredients of malt, barley, and wheat. Snow Blanche is available both in bottle and also in keg forms. If the picture is not clear enough, this beer also took the gold medal at the EBS awards in 2013 …

Konishi Garnet Rouge by Konishi Brewing

Konishi garnet rouge

Konishi Garnet Rouge is a red ale brewed by Konishi Brewing out of Hyogo. Whilst most rice beers are brewed using white rice, Konishi Garnet Rouge, along with Hitachino Red Rice ale are two exceptions. This beer is brewed using black rice which is not usually a popular grain in Japan. Konishi Garnet Rouge Aroma & Taste Konishi Garnet Rouge pours …


Rokko Pilsner Beer

六甲ピルスナーは5%チェコのピルスナーです。 六甲ピルスナーの目鼻舌 目:ゴールデンな茶色ですからピルスナーをみたいじゃない。泡が少しですが真っ白。 鼻:薄いグラッシな(草見たい)匂い。モルトが匂いません。 舌:サクサク、レモンを味する。モルトはやや弱いキャラメルを味する。 オンライン販売