Helios Brewery Information

Helios Brewery

Helios Brewery is a craft beer brewery located in Naha city, Okinawa that started life out as rum distillery on the island back in 1961. Since then, they’ve moved onto the production of shochu, awamori (a lethal Okinawa drink) before opening up the brewery in June 1996. The following July, the Helios Pub opened up and production ramped up through to 1998. …


Helios Sheequarsar White Ale by Helios Brewery

Helios Sheequarsar White Ale

Helios Sheequarsar White Ale is a 5% fruit beer from Helios Craft Beer in Okinawa made from locally sourced sheequarsar. If you don’t know what a sheequarsar is, imagine something like a lime crossed with a lemon and incredibly sour. Helios Sheequarsar White Ale is available readily in Okinawa though quite tough to find on mainland Japan. Helios Sheequarsar White Ale Aroma and Taste …

Helios Porter by Helios Beer

Helios Porter

Helios Porter is a beer based on an 18th century traditional English style of porters. It is sometimes known as Helios Hoshizora no Porter for those with a Japanese naming lean. The unusual thing about this beer is that there is no mention of it on the Helios website. Not a single mention. No picture. No holding space. Nada. The …


Helios Weizen by Helios Brewery

helios weizen

Helios Weizen is brewed based on a German kristalweizen recipe which means, in English, it’s a clear wheat beer. It’s also called Blue Sky And Sea Beer due to the kanji on the can but pretty much no one in Japan calls it that. Helios Weizen is one of Helios’ main lineup and can be easily found across Okinawa. Helios Weizen Aroma …

Tenshi no Red Ale by Helios Brewery

Tenshi no Red Ale

Ho ho ho! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the holiday season? What festive place full of Christmas cheer? Why, Okinawa, of course! So pull on that embarrassing aloha shirt with the snowman on it that your grandma knitted you, tie some reindeer to your surfboard and let’s see if we can’t ride the …


Goya Dry by Helios Brewery

Goya Dry

Goya Dry is Helios Brewery’s souvenir beer. It’s a dry lager made with goya (bitter melon in English), and can be found in every single goddamn souvenir shop in Okinawa, it seems.   Goya Dry Aroma and Taste It looks like a vile, villainous happoshu and initially smells like it as well. My temples are throbbing. Regular happoshu started giving …


Helios Pub in Naha, Okinawa

Helios Pub Facade

Helios is the “other” Okinawan brewery, and is almost as beloved as Orion on the islands. Their brewery is based in Kyoda, near Nago city on the main island of Okinawa. Helios Pub is situated on Naha’s Kokusai Dori (International Street), and opened in July 1996. BeerTengoku visited in August, 2014. I walked straight past Helios Pub at first; it looks …