Minamishinshu Ki no Sato by Minamishinshu Beer Company

Minamishinshu Beer Ki no Sato

Minamishinshu Ki no Sato is 4.5% golden / blonde ale from Minamishinshu Beer Company, based in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their spring seasonal lineup and can usually be found on sale from April onwards. The “gimmick”, which seems a bit strange, is that Minamishinshu Ki no Sato is brewed in a special place of Japan that experiences zero magnetic field …


Voyager Gold by Voyager Brewing Company 

Voyager Gold

Voyager Gold is a 5.5% golden ale from Voyager Brewing Company, based in Wakayama, Japan. It’s one of their first two beer to be bottled, along with Voyager Copper, and can be found in both bottles and on tap, in limited supply. Not much else is known about the beer, as the Voyager Brewing Company website has not been updated …

Baird BB15 Zamamiro Ale by Baird Beer

Baird BB15 Zamamiro Ale

Baird BB15 Zamamiro Ale is an 8% golden ale from Baird Beer that is part of their limited edition range of beers. This beer was first brewed in 2008 when Baird reached the milestone of 1,000 brews and it makes its return to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Numazu Taproom opening in 2001 and  Zamamiro roughly translates to “Eat …

Doppo White Chocolate by Miyashita Shuzo

Doppo White Chocolate

Doppo White Chocolate is Miyashita Shuzo’s effort for Christmas festivities and is a 5% golden ale that is on sale all year round it seems, alongside its Valentine’s cousin, Doppo Chocolate Beer. It is made with cocoa extract and orange peel in the mash to bring out the chocolate flavour though why it isn’t advertised for White Day is lost on …


Iwate Kura Golden Ale by Sekinoichi Shuzo

Iwate Kura Golden Ale

Iwate Kura Golden Ale, also known as Iwate Kura Kinirudo which means golden hall, is a summer seasonal beer from Sekinoichi Shuzo that has an abv of 5% and is brewed using European hops. It’s usually on sale from mid-May and can be found in both bottled and draught form. The golden hall on Iwate Kura Golden Ale refers to the …

Brimmer California Spring Ale by Brimmer Brewing

Brimmer California Spring Ale

Brimmer California Spring Ale is Brimmer Brewing’s most recent specialty beer. It’s a 5.5% Golden Ale, and I was given it by Rob who got it from Deguchiya. I personally haven’t been able to find a shop that stocks Brimmer west of Yokohama, despite looking in almost FIVE shops. Fortunately I have my own beer fixer who can get it …


Miyajima Caramal Blonde 宮島キャラメルブロンド

宮島キャラメルブロンドは4.5%のブロンド・エールです。宮島ビールのレギュラーラインアップを一部です。 宮島キャラメルブロンドの目鼻舌 目:曇ったゴールデンのアンバーの色です。泡はふんわりの真っ白です。 鼻:キャラメルの匂いはすぐ来る。甘いジャームの香りをある。 舌:ボディーはスムーズです。甘いですけど飲める。はちみつ、キャラメルは良いバランスですけど弱い苦さになる。 オンライン販売 宮島ビールオンラインショップ びあマ

Minamishinshu Golden Ale by Minamishinshu Beer Company

Minamishinshu Golden Ale

Minamishinshu Beer Company is fast becoming one of our favourite breweries in Japan and Minamishinshu Golden Ale is one of their flagship beers. It’s a 5% golden / blond ale from the depths of Nagano and is brewed using fresh snow water from the Northern Alps. Not those alps in Europe but the alps that extend through Nagano up to Niigata. Besides that, …

Shonan Beer Golden Ale by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Golden Ale

Shonan Beer Golden Ale is a 5% top fermented beer that is available all year round though the bottles can only be bought at Kumazawa Brewing’s restaurants and bars it seems. It is usually found in the regular Shonan Beer style of labelling though I couldn’t resist buying this one and walking around Fujisawa with it in the side compartment of …

Brimmer Golden Ale by Brimmer Brewing

Brimmer Golden Ale

Here at BeerTengoku, we love us some draft beers but once in a while, we’d love those draft beers to come in bottles so we can drink at home. Brimmer Golden Ale is one of those beers that we want and we got one. It is a golden ale that has been nominated as Brimmer’s session ale and at 5.5%, Brimmer Golden Ale …