Yokohama YABAcious IPA by Yokohama Brewery

Yokohama YABAcious IPA is a 6.5% American IPA from Yokohama Brewery, based in Kanagawa, Japan. It was part of their entry into the 2017 Japan Brewers’ Cup, held in Yokohama, and since then, can be found on tap across Japan. There has been some change in the brewers, with Gojo-san moving on, so does Yokohama YABAcious IPA indicate a new direction …


Hansharo Yoritomo Porter 反射炉頼朝ポーター

反射炉頼朝ポーターは5%のポーターです。反射板ビールの生ビールです。反射板ビールから「数種のモルトと英国種ホップを使用したポーター(イギリスタイプの黒ビール)。 芳醇な香りと飲みやすい特徴をもつ黒ビールです。伊豆の地で半生を過ごした源頼朝は東国の武士・豪族を次々と味方につけ平家を打ち破り鎌倉幕府を築きあげました。頼朝の優れた政治手腕と人材掌握力で築き上げられた当時にして先進的な組織 幕府は、約700年後の王政復古の大号令まで存続しました。」 反射炉頼朝ポーターの目鼻舌 目:茶色のブラックの色ですが泡は真っ白です。 鼻:ローストモルトの匂いです。弱いコーヒーとチョコレートもあるけどブラックモルトは強いすぎです。 舌:冷たいの時にコーヒーとチョコレートを味するけど暖かくの時にブラックモルトは強くて苦い味する。

Be Easy Debbie’s Pale Ale by Be Easy Brewing 

Be Easy Debbie's Pale Ale

Be Easy Debbie’s Pale Ale is a 5.8% American pale ale from Be Easy Brewing, based in Aomori, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and at the time of writing, Be Easy Debbie’s Pale Ale is available in draft form only. It’s brewed using Maris Otter, Wheat, Munich malts with flaked oats and wheat with Warrior, Centennial, …


Shonan IPA Equinox by Kumazawa Shuzo

Shonan IPA Equinox

Shonan IPA Equinox is 6% American IPA from Kumazawa Shuzo, based in Kanagawa, Japan. Kumazawa Shuzo have been churning out this series of beers that contain the same base recipe for the beer, but altering it with different hops, with Shonan Beer Session IPA French Saison, Shonan IPA HBC 342, and Shonan IPA Southern Cross all making appearances. Shonan IPA Equinox was first released in …


Mojiko Retro Weizen by Mojiko Retro Beer

Mojiko Retro Weizen

Mojiko Retro Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen from Mojiko Retro Beer, based in Fukuoka, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beer and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Mojiko Retro Weizen marks Mojiko Retro Beer’s first appearance on BeerTengoku – not for want of trying but just trying to find their beers in Kanto is …

Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter

Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter is a 5% porter from Yorocco Beer based in Kanagawa, Japan. Yorocco Cherry Maple Porter is part of their seasonal line up and was first released in late 2016 as part of the 3rd anniversary celebrations of Yorocco Beer Taproom at Beach Muffin. It was brewed using fresh maple, coffee and vanilla beans. At the time …

Shonan W-IPA by Kumazawa Shuzo 

Shonan W-IPA

Shonan W-IPA is a 7.5% Imperial IPA from Kumazawa Shuzo, based in Kanagawa, Japan. Joe couldn’t review this beer as he was unable to get over the pronunciation (It’s a called “double ipa” not “wipa”). It’s part of their annual winter seasonal lineup of draft beers though at the time of writing, there are no plans for it to be released …


Hitachino Yosano Fresh CC by Kiuchi Brewery 

Hitachino Yosono Fresh CC

Hitachino Yosano Fresh CC is a 4.0% American pale ale from Kiuchi Brewery, based in Ibaraki, Japan. It’s part of their limited draft only release and as such, there are no plans to release it in bottles. Hitachino Yosano Fresh CC uses hops from Yosano town, based in Kyoto, which is part of a collaborative project between towns in the area …

Far Yeast Final Cut Session Ale by Far Yeast Brewing Company

Far Yeast Final Cut Session Ale

Far Yeast Final Cut Session Ale is a 5% session IPA from Far Yeast Brewing Company based in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of a collaborative project they did with Transporter magazine, and it can be found in both bottles and on tap. Far Yeast Final Cut Session Ale is brewed with Mosaic hops imported from the US. It was first on sale …

Kyoto Nagoriyuki by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Nagoriyuki

Kyoto Nagoriyuki is a 4.9% hefeweizen from Kyoto Brewing Company, based in Kyoto, Japan. Confusingly, it’s part of their year round line up, but also a limited release, so I’m guessing, once they have made a batch of it, no more of it will be made for the year. Perhaps? Nagoriyuki roughly translates into “lingering snow” – the kind of …